UFO Over Puget Sound 8/20/2008 7:53PM

This is the first UFO photographs I’ve captured this year and not for lack of trying but whereas last year, orbs seemed to be everywhere, they seem to be making themselves scarce this year. This object, not an orb, no idea what it is.

I stopped at Richmond Beach and saw something glinting in the sun across Puget Sound from where I was. It was almost directly in line with the Sun and so the reflection of sunlight off the water was very bright making everything else appear dark. This object was also highly reflective and had a gold color to it.

Map where UFO was seen from Richmond Beach on 8/20/2008

The object slowly drifted from the left to the right (south to north) and appeared to kind of shift in shape as it moved, but as you can see from the water, there was enough warmth to cause turbulence in the atmosphere distorting the object so the change in shape could have been just due to atmospheric distortion.

I got four images of this object but the last one wasn’t very good quality because the lens on my camera has bad chromatic aberration near the periphery of the frame and the last image has the object near the periphery.

Below are 600×480 crops from the original images, (full resolution) to see the full image click on the cropped image. Also please note the date in images are off by one hour as I set the camera during the winter and it does not automatically adjust to Daylight Savings Time.

UFO Puget Sound 8/28/2008 Crop 1
UFO Puget Sound 8/28/2008 Crop 1
UFO Puget Sound 8/28/2008 Crop 1
UFO Puget Sound 8/28/2008 Crop 1

For comparison here is a photograph of a sailboat taken from the same location across the Puget Sound, this more to the north where the sun isn’t lighting up the water as much as is actually slightly closer but it gives you an idea of the relative scale and the clarity of a familiar object.


The boat is at perhaps three quarters the distance as the other object. This was taken from the same location just minutes later in order to provide some frame of reference. The water is darker and what appears to be the sky behind brighter because the boat was to the north of the UFO and not in line with the sun. Also note what appears to be the sky above the tree line is actually the Olympic mountains largely obscured by really bad haze today.

Make of it what you will because I don’t know what to make of it other than it’s not an airplane or helicopter. I’d really like to know if others saw this; if you were on the west side of the sound you might have been able to get a much closer look at it.

7 thoughts on “UFO Over Puget Sound 8/20/2008 7:53PM

  1. Hi there Nanook
    I was wondering could that not be a bird? I noticed the tip )on the right hand side as you look at the picture)it raised up?
    It just reminds me of a picture I once saw of a goose Im not saying im right as I have no real idea of what it is

  2. Except that it’s four different pictures taken a few seconds apart and in those four images it hasn’t moved.

    It appeared to move slightly to the north while I was watching it but it was so bright against such a dark background I am wondering now if that wasn’t just an illusion and that it might in fact be a fixed object on land behind the water like a metallic roof or something, that was just at the right angle to play mirror and reflect the sun directly back at me.

  3. I overlayed three of the four images and they all line up exactly so at least in the interval I took these, it wasn’t moving at all.

    I suspect this is going to be an Unidentified Fixed Object rather than an Unidentified Flying Object.

  4. This analysis shows that one must be very scheptical to things looking like some alien vehicle. There are so many smooth surfaces that the sun can reflct upon and there are so many articicial lights out there that can give a very strange impression under the right or rather wrong circumstances.

    And even genuinly strange flying objects can be man-made military, police unit owned surveillance or scientific vehicles. Probably there are much more of these out there than foks usually realize.

  5. everett
    has some idea of whats
    out there, radar from navy ships ?
    blocks cell phones on
    mukilteo drive , in certain places

    where ever theres military
    theres allways something
    going on near by, ?
    wonder why

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    Very nice presentation and interesting comments.

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