ET / UFO Recovery / Disposal Document

I accidentally came across this document regarding recovery and disposal of ET/UFO crash site related materials.

On the one hand, I’m hard pressed to believe it’s genuine because I don’t believe such a classified document would remain on the Internet long enough for me to stumble across it.

On the other hand, someone went to a hell of a lot of trouble to create it if it’s fictional. But then again, there is a lot of very convincing fiction out there.

You take a look and decide. I’d be curious to hear other peoples’ comments, especially if you happen to know the true origin.

What Happened To The Aliens

A couple of years ago the skies seemed full of alien ships, sightings were common, and that year, summer of 2006 seemed to be the last time any credible reports of alien abductions.

A recent Google search has revealed a lack of much in the way of sightings, let alone abductions. A search on the keywords “alien” or “UFO” seems to only bring up Hollywood and old references.

I would be inclined to think there were some sort of insidious censorship project going on if it were not for the fact that my own experience contradicts that.

For example, in a years time I photographed ‘orbs’ on three different occasions and a wedge shaped craft. Now, another year has passed and nothing, and it’s not because I’m not out there looking. I keep my camera with me at all times and I’m always looking up, but I’ve seen nothing of interest lately.

For a while I was constantly getting reports of sightings from credible individuals, lately that has dwindled, and the few that I do receive have been mostly anonymous cranks.

And nobody has come to me and attempted to censor this blog. Post disinformation or just distractive idiocy to the comments section, yes, that happens all the time, but lately that’s been about it.

If anyone can point me to anything current and reasonably credible I’m interested. I don’t know what is happening but some major shift feels like it’s underway.

Terraforming Earth

Science and science fiction gives consideration to the idea of terraforming other planets to create habitats suitable for our own existence. Mars is usually considered to be the nearest reasonable candidate. It has things we need, water, minerals, a day very similar to that to which we are accustomed.

But we also have to acknowledge that Mars may not be dead. There may be at least bacterial life on Mars. Personally, I think the evidence for bacterial life is overwhelming, photographically, as well as the presence of methane and formaldehyde in the atmosphere, and the existence of everything we know that life requires, including evidence for the existence of liquid water, possibly quite highly saline, but not beyond the point where some Earth bacteria could survive.

If and when our technology evolves to the point where terraforming Mars is not only doable, because arguably it is doable now, but affordable, say less than the cost of a US financial system bail-out after eight years of Bush administration, do you think the presence of native bacteria would even slow us down, even if we knew changing the conditions to more Earth-like conditions would exterminate it?

Now imagine a civilization several hundred million or even a billion or two years more advanced than ours considering our rock as a new speck of land to colonize, but needing a little fine tuning. Would they even notice our existence, and if they did would they have any moral objections to our elimination?

With all the current day strangeness, I am beginning to wonder if this isn’t in fact a work in progress. If our planet isn’t being terraformed out from under us right now?

The things our government does, the things the super rich and powerful do, seem to make no sense in a human context, but perhaps that’s just it, perhaps they’re not human. In that context, the last eight years makes perfect sense.

I’ve noticed a phenomenal change in the whole UFO scene lately. I’m not hearing of any current abductions. I haven’t heard of any since the summer of 2006. And it was about then that I first photographed “orbs” although they had made appearances earlier, the frequency of their sightings were relatively small.

One of two things must be true; either they are hear to stop the abductions, or, the whole ET hybrid project is completed and they are now ready to replace us, and perhaps they’ve already started with our leaders. That would explain, for example, the McCain tongue.

I’m certain that great changes are underway. To what degree they are man-made, natural, God getting ready to remodel or perhaps reboot, or alien induced, I’m not sure. I’m sure they’re happening though.

Every time I turn on the television though, especially the news, I’m convinced it’s aliens. It’s just real difficult to make sense of today’s world in any other context.

So perhaps aliens thrive in a warmer environment with a carbon dioxide rich atmosphere and a nice nuclear radiation background glow gives them a nice tan. Actually, I don’t always feel this way, just a little cynical at the moment.

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Are We Geting Ready?

With the recent release of UFO documents by the British government, I can’t help but wonder about a couple of things.

First, does the military have shit for brains? They’ve got instances of pilots being ordered to fire missiles at objects a mile across. Maybe it’s just me but that seems like shooting a spit wad at a guy carrying an Uzi. Ill advised, to say the least.

My unwillingness to believe the military is that dumb then leads me to doubt the veracity of the stories even if they came directly from the government, or perhaps especially because they came directly from the government.

Which leads me to the second thought. Many years ago, back in the 80’s some time, I was shown a VHS video tape of a lecture given by some x-military officer. I don’t remember the rank or name but it was something kind of mid-level.

The tape covered a conspiracy theory that is pretty much standard Internet lore these days, was pretty much standard BBS lore in those days, and because of that I pretty much blew it off.

Some of the predictions it made, some of the specifics of how this conspiracy would be carried out, have proven to be surprisingly accurate to the point where now I am beginning to wonder if there was not some basis in fact.

The basic idea is that a group of super elite powerful people want to control us and ultimately to reduce the human population to somewhere between 250 and 500 million.

They already in fact controlled us through basically the same mechanism outlined in the book, “1984”. And we had pretty much that although it was largely a cold war and not a shooting war. Occasionally we would have skirmishes on some third world countries territory.

But the tape said that in time the credibility of the Soviet threat would be lost and we would then need a new threat to keep us in line and that threat would be terrorism. And it would be a better threat because of it’s nebulous nature. You could never really win and thus it would be credible longer. You didn’t really know where your enemy was and this would justify controlling and spying on everyone.

Eventually though, terrorism would lose credibility as well, and we’d need a new threat, and that threat would come in the form of a faked UFO invasion. It would be carried out not by extraterrestrials but by this group. They had various names, the Illuminati, etc. The name really isn’t important, just think super rich and powerful with wealth and power having been handed down through generations tracing their way all the way back to ancient Egypt.

When this faked invasion happens, don’t ignore it because you know it’s fake, because they really do want to kill you. That part is real; it’s just that it’s domestically originated fake aliens that want to kill you not genuine extraterrestrials.

Some years past and the Berlin wall did fall, and the Soviet Union broke up and Germany re-unified.

Then we had 9/11 which very clearly was not just a couple of 747’s slamming into the twin towers. Anybody who has watched a controlled implosion demolition knows that is exactly what that was. You can see the poof of the explosives just before each floor falls. It fell symmetrically. If burning jet fuel had heated the steel to the point of failure, it would not have been symmetrical.

The New York fire department was forced to clean it up before a proper investigation could be done. I have spoken to fireman who were threatened in order to force them to do the job fast. The FBI confiscated hundreds of photos and threatened witnesses to keep their mouths shut. Still, they didn’t get them all and some witnesses did talk.

Later we find that the aircraft that were supposedly used for those flights, their serial numbers are still in service; and some of the people supposedly involved in the hijacking, they’re still alive and weren’t even in the country at the time.

Now people are beginning to question the way the Bush administration completely raped the constitution.

Meanwhile, first the French government and then more recently Britain release their UFO data, Britain is still in the process. But what has been released suggests the military is well aware of the phenomena but some of the stories are just very difficult to believe.

So I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t just preparation for an impending fake invasion. When the laser beams start to fly I’m planning on hiding. Maybe it would be a good time to stock up on surface to air missiles.

Michio Kaku on Alien Secrecy

Michio Kaku Alien life Top Secret UFO coast2coast

Michio Kaku talks about what would happen if SETI did discover unambiguous alien communications.

Personally, I think it’s moot because as I’ve stated before, the SETI protocol for confirmation makes discovery of alien communications impossible.

To recant; SETI first listens to very narrow band channels, thus it is unable to detect modulation or sidebands, it is only capable of detecting carriers. Most of our modern communications is moving away from simple modulated carriers into modulation schemes that spread the information out across a very broad bandwidth because these schemes make the most efficient use of bandwidth, power, and are most immune to interference.

SETI would not be able to receive any information transmitted and with our most modern communications it wouldn’t register anything at all except perhaps a slight rise in background noise.

But in addition to that problem, even with huge amounts of power, with the distances involved, a signal could only be received with very high gain (dish) antennas pointed directly at each other.

Because the Earth is rotating, and orbiting a star that is orbiting in a galaxy, and the galaxy itself has motion relative to other galaxies, and because the distant transmission would likely also be on an planet that is rotating, orbiting a star, which is orbiting in a galaxy that has motion relative to our own, any chance alignment of two high gain antennas would be brief.

But SETI protocol is as follows:

1) A candidate signal is received.

2) The antenna is pointed off a few degrees to confirm that the signal is indeed from space and not terrestrial interference. If the signal goes away then the antenna is pointed back to the original location and the signal is looked for again. The beam width of the antennas is probably sufficient to allow this step to be completed.

3) Another site distant on the Earth is notified to look for the signal. This serves to eliminate sources near Earth from Earth orbiting satellites. Although a catalog of known signals is used to first eliminate signals originating from satellites, the military does not publish all of the signals it’s satellites generate and therefore this process is necessary. This will necessarily take some time and there is a strong likelihood that the antennas will no longer be mutually aligned by the time it is completed.

4) Assuming by some miracle that step 3 is completed; the next thing that SETI does is wait a day and then look in the same place. By now surely any chance alignment that existed will be gone and no signal will be found.

The ONLY way that SETI will detect an alien signal is if they crash a saucer into the building or aliens are intentionally beaming a signal specifically at us and keep re-aligning their antenna to track the movement of Earth relative to their position.

Given all of these variables, I don’t think SETI is ever likely to detect anything making what they do after detection entirely moot.

That said; SETI has detected some signals that appear to be extraterrestrial and not possessing characteristics of any known natural objects, but none of them were observable the next day thus none passed SETI protocol requirements.

There are many natural sources of radio waves, such as hydrogen gas MASARs (a microwave analog of a LASER), that, with a receiver only capable of listening to an extremely narrow bandwidth, would be very difficult to discerne from any artificial source.

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UForth Guide to UFO Shapes and Configurations

I’ve added a new site to the resource links on the sidebar, UForth, A World Guide to UFO Shapes and Configurations. I stumbled across this site while looking for information on Orb or Sphere type UFOs which are of particular interest to me because I’ve photographed them on three occasions and because credible reports of UFO abduction cases seem to have stopped about the same time these started showing up in large numbers, in the late summer of 2006.

This site categorizes various UFO shapes and provides some information about what is known about various types. It has some fairly good photographs and is a good resource to go look at if you spot something and want to find out of if someone might have photographed something like what you just saw.

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Further Analysis – Unidentified Fixed Object

UFO Overlay

In an attempt to improve the signal to noise ratio on the image and hopefully see more detail, I overlaid the three good images so that the signals would add and some of the noise would average out.

This allowed me to brighten the dark area a bit and then I did some digital signal noise reduction on it to try to further see details in the noise.

A couple of things became apparent; the UFO hadn’t moved AT ALL between the three images, they lined up exactly, when the background lined up, so did the UFO.

Second, with the background slightly less noisy I could see some dark details. As I brought the brightness up slightly, it looks to me like that object just might be the roof of an A-frame house or building. It is barely discernible, so much so that I can’t be sure, but I think I’m seeing a building there.

So this might be just a metallic roof on a building that happened to be at just the right angle to reflect sunlight back at me and not so interesting after all.

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UFO Over Puget Sound 8/20/2008 7:53PM

This is the first UFO photographs I’ve captured this year and not for lack of trying but whereas last year, orbs seemed to be everywhere, they seem to be making themselves scarce this year. This object, not an orb, no idea what it is.

I stopped at Richmond Beach and saw something glinting in the sun across Puget Sound from where I was. It was almost directly in line with the Sun and so the reflection of sunlight off the water was very bright making everything else appear dark. This object was also highly reflective and had a gold color to it.

Map where UFO was seen from Richmond Beach on 8/20/2008

The object slowly drifted from the left to the right (south to north) and appeared to kind of shift in shape as it moved, but as you can see from the water, there was enough warmth to cause turbulence in the atmosphere distorting the object so the change in shape could have been just due to atmospheric distortion.

I got four images of this object but the last one wasn’t very good quality because the lens on my camera has bad chromatic aberration near the periphery of the frame and the last image has the object near the periphery.

Below are 600×480 crops from the original images, (full resolution) to see the full image click on the cropped image. Also please note the date in images are off by one hour as I set the camera during the winter and it does not automatically adjust to Daylight Savings Time.

UFO Puget Sound 8/28/2008 Crop 1
UFO Puget Sound 8/28/2008 Crop 1
UFO Puget Sound 8/28/2008 Crop 1
UFO Puget Sound 8/28/2008 Crop 1

For comparison here is a photograph of a sailboat taken from the same location across the Puget Sound, this more to the north where the sun isn’t lighting up the water as much as is actually slightly closer but it gives you an idea of the relative scale and the clarity of a familiar object.


The boat is at perhaps three quarters the distance as the other object. This was taken from the same location just minutes later in order to provide some frame of reference. The water is darker and what appears to be the sky behind brighter because the boat was to the north of the UFO and not in line with the sun. Also note what appears to be the sky above the tree line is actually the Olympic mountains largely obscured by really bad haze today.

Make of it what you will because I don’t know what to make of it other than it’s not an airplane or helicopter. I’d really like to know if others saw this; if you were on the west side of the sound you might have been able to get a much closer look at it.

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Roswell UFO Festival


The city of Roswell invites UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike to join in the celebration of one of the most debated incidents in history this July 3-6 2008. The four-day event will feature guest speakers, authors, live entertainment, family-friendly activities, and possibly an alien abduction.

The city is expecting more than 50,000 visitors during the festival and guests are encouraged to make travel arrangements early. Links to accommodations, an event schedule, and more in depth information can be found at the new festival website

In early July, 1947, a mysterious object crashed on a ranch 30 miles north of Roswell. The Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) issued a statement claiming to have recovered a crashed flying disk. An article ran on the front page of the Roswell Daily Record and the next day, RAAF changed its’ statement to say that the object
was a weather balloon, not a flying disk as they previously reported. This revised statement sparked immediate controversy and has continued to be a topic of debate more than 60 years later.

During The Amazing Roswell UFO Festival, guests can visit alien attractions, attend lectures and book signings, and help uncover the truth about one of the most infamous cover-ups in history. Media passes are available now. Contact Alexis Kerschner at to get your passes. For more information about the festival, visit

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