The Future

The purpose of this blog is to help us collectively move towards a better future with a minimum of collective harm along the path. Towards that end I will try to present information about the future as I see it, potential paths we may take to arrive, and technologies and living practices that can help.

I hope that this will be a two-way exchange. Please utilize the comments feature to provide your own input. I will read and respond to comments. I will make available information that you provide that I believe can be beneficial.

Ultimately, what will exist on this earth is a totally sustainable biosphere, a totally sustainable human economy, a change in the focus of our lives from acquisition and survival to meaningful interactions with friends and family. It will be a time of peace and contentment. A time of love and friendship absent of the hatred, violence, and exploitation of today’s world. I am confident this world is coming.

What is in question is the path that we take. The path can be one of relative comfort, love, adventure, fun, zestful living. It can be one of hatred, suffering, struggle, desperation, death. I know which path I would like to take, but it is a collective decision that we are making.

I’m hoping I can convince you to opt for the better path, and you’ll tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends, and so on and so on… Ok I have seen too many old television commercials. But you get the idea.

There are spiritual aspects to our choice of paths. Our collective intent determines our direction. We need to experience the connectivity of all that is on an intuitive gut feeling level. When we do so, we will realize it is not us against the world, it is all that is choosing what and how to be.

There are practical physical aspects to consider. We have to make choices that are consistent with the greater good. We need to get away from polluting, limited, and unsustainable fossil fuel energy sources and move towards environmentally benign, expandable, and sustainable energy sources. We have to have to be more intelligent in deciding how to use our resources, our land, the oceans, so that we create the best possible world for all living things and a world which is sustainable.

Please check back frequently, participate through the comments, and you can also e-mail any relevant information that you believe will be beneficial.

Thank you.

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