Three sixes is the number of the beast and of man.

We made it past June 6, 2006, or 06/06/06.

Here is another interpretation of the meaning of the number.

First, a little background. Some versions of the Bible say the number is 666, some spell out six hundred and sixty six, and still others say that it is three sixes.

There is actually scriptural support for all these interpretations and for the number being 616 rather than 666. The scrolls found from the time of Nero use the number 666, the scrolls found during the time of Caligula use the number 616, and apparently there is a way you can manipulate their names to come up with these numbers. But ancient Greek scrolls have the number written out as three occurrences of the letter that represents six, and since they did not use the Arabic numeric system, this does not equate to six hundred sixty six.

I’m going run with the three sixes interpretation because it is the earliest and I’ve found a meaning in it.

The most abundant and stable isotope of carbon is carbon 12. Carbon 12 has six protons, six neutrons, and six electrons. Carbon 12 has three sixes.

If you look at the major problems of the world today, most relate to carbon, wars being fought, countries being occupied, populations repressed, for one thing, oil. What is oil? Oil is a mixture of hydrocarbon molecules. These are carbon chains with hydrogen atoms attached to the carbon backbone.

Global warming, it’s caused by Carbon Dioxide, which is what we get when we burn any hydrocarbon, oil, natural gas, coal, etc.

So carbon could justifiably be referred to as “the beast”. We are presently utterly dependent upon it, and it is destroying us.

And what of 666 also being the number of man? We are a carbon based life form. So we are largely made of the same carbon, upon which we’ve become dependent, and which is destroying us.

We need to recognize the beast and free ourselves from dependence before it destroys us.

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