Renewable Energy Web Resource

I ran across a pretty good web site dealing with renewable energy, “Renewable Energy Generation“.

It is an extremely comprehensive site covering a broad range of renewable energy related topics but doing so in a manner that is extremely well organized and easy to navigate.

It is organized into the following categories:

  • Actual Cases
    Actual applications of renewable energy technologies.
  • Breakthrough Technology
    New renewable energy technologies.
  • Corporate Environmental Initiatives
    Things corporations are doing to help the environment.
  • E-Waste
    Deals with the topic of what to do with waste streams.
  • Eco-Friendly Publishing
    References to other Eco-Friendly publications.
  • Eco-tourism
    Promotes ecologically friendly travel.
  • Education
    Ecological Education Resources.
  • Environmental Activism
    Things you can do to encourage positive change.
  • Events
    Upcoming ecology related events.
  • Fossil Fuel News
    What’s happening in the non-sustainable energy field.
  • Green Awards
    Awards bestowed by various entities onto various entities for their positive ecological contributions.
  • Introductions
    Introductions to important ecology related concepts.
  • Novelties
    Novel ecology related items.
  • Recycle It
    Recycling information. Resources to put waste producers in touch with entities that can recycle the waste into useful products.
  • Renewable Energy
    Information about renewable energy. The largest and most relevant section.
  • Sustainable Business
    How businesses contribute to a sustainable economy.
  • Uncategorized
    Everything that didn’t fit elsewhere.

This is a brief listing of the categories, but really you need to take a look at the site to get a better feel for it. It really is an interesting site.

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