Global Warming – The Silver Lining

Talking to a friend last night, I learned something surprising… That after oil, the next largest traded commodity is coffee. That surprised me but then I don’t like coffee, so maybe if I were a typical Seattlelite coffee addict I’d see it differently.

It occurred to me that if it gets warm enough then the United States might have an appropriate climate for growing coffee. This could actually be good for America! Oh yea, we’d starve because we can’t grow food but hey and least we could all be wired while we’re starving.

So see it’s true, every silver lining does have a cloud, er yea that.

Might be a good time to invest in snowshoes though.. If you look at that graph in the previous post you’ll see that what follows every peak in CO2/temperature is a BIG decline in temp and that happens even if CO2 levels remain high.

I hope they’re successful with that attempt to clone a woolly mammoth, it might be just in time.

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