I’ve made this argument before but this photograph demonstrates the need so well. The orange-brown coloring in the sky, I didn’t add that, well I contributed to it since I’m using fossil fuels for energy also, but this is the reason we have to switch to alternatives and stop burning fossil fuels.

That crap in the air, we breath that, and so does every other oxygen breathing organism. It doesn’t stop there, heavy metals present in coal, mercury, radioactive elements, uranium, radium, these things too get dispersed in the air, and we breath them, and they settle out, and get into the food chain. Then we catch a salmon and get an unhealthy dose of mercury. All of our food gradually becomes slightly radioactive.

If we produce our electricity through clean renewable technologies and switched to electric vehicles, then we wouldn’t have that ugly brown cloud hanging over us, we’d have clean clear healthy air.

Chernobyl was the world largest nuclear disaster to date, yet, the people living in the exclusion zone near the reactor actually have better health and lower death rates than their cousins living in major cities. That’s not to say that nuclear radiation is good for you, it is to say that urban pollution is worse!


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