John Gibbons Radio Moron

It’s strange listening to John Gibbons on Fox Radio express his Hillary fear. “She’s got a million ideas and she’s going to start implementing them on day one”, says Gibbons.

Well, I sure hope so because this country seriously needs better policy then, “We need oil let’s go take over another country that has it”. It’s a real shame because we have very ample energy resources in this country and we could be putting people to work implementing them.

His assertion that government is going to be more in our pocket, more in our living room, than the existing government is one I find hard to imagine. The current situation starting with an inside 9/11 job, justifying the Home Land Security Act and other legislation that pretty much tossed our constitution out the window, hard for me to imagine Hillary doing worse.

Ya know, even if I’m wrong and it really was pissed off Arabs that took down the twin towers, in that case, we gave them what we wanted, we gave up our freedom and way of life; we gave up our constitution. So regardless of whether it was an inside job or not; the way it was handled was to give up everything America stood for, so either way I want to see the current set out of office.

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