Don’t Eliminate Gas Tax

Eliminating the gas tax will not benefit consumers. Supply and demand sets the pump price, the gasoline tax only determines what percentage of that pump price goes to the oil companies.

I think what we ought to be doing is slapping a serious import duty on imported oil and distillates to encourage domestic production, balance our trade deficit, strengthen the dollar, and provide funding for clean renewable domestic energy alternatives.

1 thought on “Don’t Eliminate Gas Tax

  1. One of the other blogs I follow has a straight-forward blunt version of this today:
    “Dear People Who Think The President Will Make Gas Cheaper”

    Also worth it are the comments there, among them:

    “My favorite response was somebody from Europe pointing out we STILL pay less than they do for gas.

    And people look at me like I’m a freak when I tell them I have no desire for a car.”

    “We can send people to the moon and bring them back, we can replace body parts, we can grow frigging ears on the backs of mice, we can clone entire animals, we can even put little solar bots on Mars to drive around and snap photographs, but we can’t seem to find an alternative to gasoline. I just want someone, somewhere, in a place of power to call BULLSHIT.”

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