Fox News Bill O’Reilly Lies About Reverend Jeramiah Wright

Fox News has portrayed Reverend Write as a hateful, bigoted, and anti-American. They have used out of context sound bytes towards this end. In the interest of accuracy in journalism, I located this video recording of Reverend Writes sermon after 9/11 so that you can here the sound bytes in context.

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Now that you’ve heard it in context, I will add that I think his message, that hatred begets hatred, terrorism begets terrorism, is right on. I believe that the Bush administration has lead us down the wrong path, a path that leads only to misery, death, and destruction. You’ll note that I’m a white guy, this isn’t a black-vs-white thing that Fox is trying to make it out to be, it’s about a path of love and respect for life and God’s creations verses a path of hatred, death, and destruction.

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