Human DNA

The newagers have been predicting humans with more than the standard two strands to their DNA for some time.  They make out like it will be a good thing, giving us new capabilities.

To my great surprise,  DNA with more than two strands (four stranded DNA) has been found in human cells recently.  It doesn’t appear to bring anything good however as the four stranded DNA has been found mainly in human cancer cells.

Still, I find it interesting that something seemingly impossible predicted has come to pass.  Perhaps courtesy of Fukushima we’ll be seeing a lot more four stranded human DNA.

It does make me wonder what else will come and hopefully some of it will be positive.

Back in the early 80’s when video cassette recorders were a new thing, I was shown a tape of an army officer, and I’m sorry I do not remember either his rank or his name, but he was somewhat up there on the food chain, and he made some interesting predictions.

He predicted that the Soviet Union and China would cease to be “credible threats”, useful to control the masses.  He stated that the next big thing to be used as a threat to control the masses would be terrorism.  Well, that certainly has come to pass.  But he also stated that in time terrorism would lose it’s credibility as an external threat and cease to be effective as a method to control the masses, so after terrorism the next thing we’d see is a faked alien (as in extraterrestrial) invasion.  Haven’t seen that one yet, but hey just something to keep your eyes open for.

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