Times We Live In

     It’s an exciting time to be alive.  The Internet making instant communications anywhere on the globe possible.

     I’m listening to sounds of various planets from NASA probes.  See http://www.eskimo.com/~nanook/et.  Every planet has it’s own unique sound and they are awesome and organic and alive sounding.  Something about them really touches my soul.  I wish I could go out and wander among them and hear them and those around other stars.

     I think it will some day be possible.  I think the discovery of the Higgs is to gravity, mass, inertia, and time, as the discovery of the electron was to electricity.

     I also think a kind of global consciousness is forming and we are awakening to each other and to our creator.  And if we can end the killing perhaps the global quarantine will be lifted and we can meet beings from other planets or even realms.

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