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Hillside Wrestling Weekend XIII, July - August 2006

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Hillside Wrestling Weekend XII was held July 26-30, 2006. It was the thirteenth annual wrestling weekend and my eleventh. As with last year, there were lots of new guys experiencing Hillside for the first time. With 110 wrestlers registered, there was plenty of opportunity to wrestle day and night. The weather was a Hillside first: starting out more humid than any previous weekend, then drying out and giving way to a heat wave at the beginning of the following week.

Many pictures have been resized for quick loading; e-mail me if you want to see particular originals. If all the thumbnails don’t load, just hit the Refresh button or click the blue rectangle to see the full-size picture.

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The Ride There and Back (NYC, NJ, upstate NY & PA)     |     At Hillside: Wrestling and other photos from Hillside Campground

Riding to Hillside 2006

The ride in was warm and humid. From Staten Island, took the Bayonne Bridge into New Jersey, then via Port Jervis, NY to northeastern Pennsylvania.

Working on bike before ride, in yard in Staten Island
Replaced rear tire and freewheel
Closeup of 28 x 32 low gear for those Pennsylvania hills
Leaving Staten Island: view from the Bayonne Bridge
Milford, PA
Muggy Honesdale, PA
Honesdale, PA intersection (US 6 and PA 191)
Lenox, PA, almost at Hillside
Lenox, PA closeup, almost at Hillside, time for some more Fresh Oil and Chips.

At Hillside

Wrestling and campsite photos

Get to camp just after lunch, have first match then hit the showers. Was planning on having a sandwich on arrival but the mat beckoned, so had quite an appetite by dinnertime. Wrestled till 1 - 3 a.m. each day -- sleep can wait till later. Was concerned about a pre-Hillside shoulder injury but it mostly didn’t affect the weekend’s wrestling.

  Nick & Joe
Just arrived at Hillside:
Nick and Joe
Tom goes for a pin on the sub mat
Tom goes for a pin --
on the sub mat
Rob on the sub mat -- first match of the weekend
Rob on the sub mat --
first match of the weekend
Tents set up on upper site 60; still some space for later arrivals
Tents set up on upper site 60;
still some space for later arrivals

Friday was the soggiest day but then it cleared up. The mats were all protected with tents (though the oil tent collapsed in the big storm on Thursday). Our dedicated cooks did a great job preparing three meals a day. Here’s some between-matches shots:
P7287945.JPG P7287946.JPG P7287947.JPG P7287948.JPG P7287949.JPG

Freestyle matches on Friday. A few of them show the condensation developing on the camera sensor due to the record high humidity.
P7287950.JPG P7287951.JPG P7287952.JPG P7287953.JPG P7287954.JPG P7287955.JPG P7287956.JPG P7287957.JPG P7287958.JPG
P7287959.JPG P7287960.JPG P7287961.JPG P7287962.JPG P7287963.JPG P7287964.JPG P7287965.JPG P7287966.JPG P7287967.JPG
P7287968.JPG P7287969.JPG P7287970.JPG P7287971.JPG P7287972.JPG P7287973.JPG P7287974.JPG P7287975.JPG P7287976.JPG
P7287977.JPG P7287978.JPG P7287979.JPG P7287980.JPG P7287981.JPG P7287982.JPG P7287983.JPG P7287984.JPG

Break for lunch as another thunderstorm brews; the pro ring is covered and the oil tent put back up.
P7287985.JPG P7287986.JPG P7287987.JPG P7287988.JPG P7287989.JPG

The pro clinic is held under the freestyle tent due to the pouring rain, then some horsing around afterwards.
P7287990.JPG P7287991.JPG P7287992.JPG P7287993.JPG P7287994.JPG P7287995.JPG P7287996.JPG P7287997.JPG P7287998.JPG
P7287999.JPG P7288000.JPG P7288001.JPG P7288002.JPG P7288003.JPG P7288004.JPG P7288005.JPG P7288006.JPG P7288007.JPG
  P7288008.JPG P7288009.JPG P7288010.JPG P7288011.JPG P7288012.JPG P7288013.JPG P7288014.JPG

Ed and Calvin on the freestyle mat.
P7288015.JPG P7288016.JPG P7288017.JPG P7288018.JPG P7288019.JPG P7288020.JPG P7288021.JPG P7288022.JPG P7288023.JPG
   P7288025.JPG P7288026.JPG P7288027.JPG P7288028.JPG P7288029.JPG

Joe by the freestyle mat.

There were portable toilets on site 60 but there were, um, better facilities by the rec center.
P7298030.JPG P7298031.JPG

Saturday morning at the pro ring -- the misty effect is the condensation that developed on the camera again overnight.
P7298032.JPG P7298033.JPG P7298034.JPG P7298035.JPG P7298036.JPG P7298037.JPG P7298038.JPG P7298039.JPG P7298040.JPG

Hillside Freestyle Tournament, July 29, 2006

P7298041.JPG P7298042.JPG P7298043.JPG P7298044.JPG P7298045.JPG P7298046.JPG P7298047.JPG P7298048.JPG P7298049.JPG
P7298050.JPG P7298051.JPG P7298052.JPG P7298053.JPG P7298054.JPG P7298055.JPG P7298056.JPG P7298057.JPG P7298058.JPG
P7298059.JPG P7298060.JPG P7298061.JPG P7298062.JPG P7298063.JPG P7298064.JPG P7298065.JPG P7298066.JPG P7298067.JPG
P7298068.JPG P7298069.JPG P7298070.JPG P7298071.JPG P7298072.JPG P7298073.JPG P7298074.JPG P7298075.JPG P7298076.JPG
  P7298077.JPG P7298078.JPG P7298079.JPG P7298080.JPG P7298081.JPG P7298082.JPG

Mike (Sluggo)’s Hillside 2006 Photos

200608-028a.jpg 200608-030a.jpg 200608-031a.jpg 200608-032a.jpg 200608-033b.jpg 200608-034a.jpg 200608-036b.jpg 200608-037a.jpg
200608-039.jpg 200608-040a.jpg 200608-041a.jpg 200608-042a.jpg 200608-043a.jpg 200608-044a.jpg 200608-075a.jpg

The Pro Show on Saturday

More pro show pictures from Mike

200608-045.jpg 200608-056.jpg 200608-058.jpg 200608-064.jpg 200608-065.jpg 200608-067.jpg

Sunday afternoon -- all but three tents left on Site 60, plus some wildlife.
P7308087.JPG P7308088.JPG P7308089.JPG P7308090.JPG P7308091.JPG P7308092.JPG P7308093.JPG P7308094.JPG P7308095.JPG
  P7308096.JPG P7308097.JPG P7308098.JPG P7308099.JPG P7308100.JPG P7318101.JPG

The weekend’s not over yet -- more matches on Monday!
P7318106.JPG P7318107.JPG P7318110.JPG P7318114.JPG

Skunk under the table, Monday night.
P8018117.JPG P8018118.JPG

Pool area, Monday night.
P8018122.JPG P8018123.JPG P8018124.JPG

Fat millipede and ripe blackberries near where sub mat was, Tuesday morning.
P8018126.JPG P8018128.JPG P8018130.JPG P8018131.JPG P8018132.JPG P8018133.JPG P8018134.JPG

Packing up my tent, leaving Hillside.
P8018139.JPG P8018141.JPG P8018142.JPG

The Ride Back

“Heat Wave Hysteria”

Riding back -- there was “heat wave hysteria” from all the weather forecasters’ warnings, but it didn’t really feel that bad. “It’s summer, it’s supposed to be hot” (quoted comments heard later on a TV talk show). It was 99°F in Carbondale, 101° in Honesdale, PA and about 104° in New Jersey and New York, by which time there was a nice breeze. Usually N.E. Pennsylvania is about 10-15° cooler than New York City and the near suburbs in New Jersey.
P8018143.JPG P8018144.JPG P8018145.JPG P8018147.JPG P8018149.JPG P8018150.JPG P8018151.JPG P8018152.JPG

Met Glen in Hawley, PA; he left suburban NJ in the morning and took 46, 15 and 6 to here (similar to my usual route without detours), chat a little before he heads on to Honesdale and Binghamton en route to South Dakota.

Lackawaxen River Valley, PA: washouts from the major flooding a month ago still being repaired.
P8028156.JPG P8028157.JPG P8028159.JPG P8028160.JPG

Gypsy moth remnants in Barryville, NY (haven’t seen them in quite a few years).

Approaching Port Jervis, NY; High Point, NJ’s obelisk in the distance marks New Jersey’s highest point.
P8028163.JPG P8028164.JPG P8028165.JPG

East of Port Jervis, a 3.5-mile climb onto the Shawangunk Mountain which is more like a plateau; some pictures from South Centerville:
P8028166.JPG P8028167.JPG P8028168.JPG P8028169.JPG P8028170.JPG

Ho, ho, but no Kussing: Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey is a peaceful, pleasant village just north of Ridgewood, NJ.
P8038173.JPG P8038174.JPG P8038175.JPG P8038176.JPG P8038177.JPG

Back home in Staten Island, no ringworm, just a big zit on left forearm. Odometer on return, 149402.1.
P8038184.JPG P8048185.JPG

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