Okie Rumble XIII, September 2009

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The Trip There

New York State

Picked tomatoes and
eggplants before leaving


Experimenting with infrared filters around Buckingham Fountain, Chicago.

R9156801.JPG R9156802.JPG R9156803.JPG R9156804.JPG R9156805.JPG R9156806.JPG

The first photo in the above row was taken with visible light; the last one a similar composition with an 850 nm infrared filter, focused with the filter off. It is the only instance of the transparency or so-called X-Ray effect I’ve ever noticed since I started taking infrared photos in 2005 -- the camera sees right through my clothing and me, so that the railing is visible behind me. Unlike actual X-rays of course, no internal (or external) organs are visible. ;-) The other photos in the above row were taken with a wide-angle lens, so that there is some vignetting.

950 nm filter, holding blue jacket and black cotton shirt
850 nm filter, holding blue jacket and black cotton shirt
Visible-light control picture wearing same black cotton shirt
720 nm filter, wearing black cotton shirt
  R9156810.JPG R9156811.JPG
720 nm plus UV-blocking filter, focused without filters
Same, using 850 nm filter

Buckingham Fountain closeup

Buckingham Fountain squirting, and Sears Tower

Fog and live palm trees along Lake Michigan

R9156817.JPG R9156818.JPG R9156819.JPG R9156820.JPG R9156821.JPG R9156822.JPG R9156823.JPG

Getting to the Okie Rumble

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Arriving early, I check in at the former hotel used for the Rumbles, the notorious Habana Inn.

R9176831.JPG R9176832.JPG R9176833.JPG R9176834.JPG

Riding the 18.82 km from the Habana Inn to the Okie Rumble at the airport Four Points

R9176835.JPG R9176836.JPG R9176837.JPG R9176838.JPG R9176839.JPG R9176840.JPG R9176841.JPG

On the Mats at the Okie Rumble 2009

Nick vs. Adron

For a detailed, captioned and illustrated blow-by-blow description of this match, see the LB vs. NZ match on bearhugger.net.

R9176842.JPG R9186843.JPG R9186844.JPG R9186845.JPG R9186846.JPG R9186847.JPG
R9186848.JPG R9186849.JPG R9186850.JPG R9186851.JPG R9186852.JPG R9186853.JPG
R9186854.JPG R9186855.JPG R9186856.JPG R9186857.JPG R9186858.JPG R9186859.JPG
R9186860.JPG R9186861.JPG R9186862.JPG R9186863.JPG R9186864.JPG R9186865.JPG
R9186866.JPG R9186867.JPG R9186868.JPG R9186869.JPG

Hospitality and Registration area

Hanging out
between matches
Who’s that guy
by the pool?

Nick vs. Adron, Round 2

R9196873.JPG R9196874.JPG R9196875.JPG R9196876.JPG R9196877.JPG R9196878.JPG
R9196879.JPG R9196880.JPG R9196881.JPG R9196882.JPG R9196883.JPG R9196884.JPG
R9196885.JPG R9196886.JPG R9196887.JPG R9196888.JPG R9196889.JPG R9196890.JPG
R9196891.JPG R9196892.JPG R9196893.JPG R9196894.JPG

A bit of rug burn on my left knee after going off the mats and not stopping. ;-)


Gene vs. Adron

R9196896.JPG R9196897.JPG R9196898.JPG R9196899.JPG R9196900.JPG R9196901.JPG
R9196902.JPG R9196903.JPG R9196904.JPG R9196905.JPG R9196906.JPG R9196907.JPG
R9196908.JPG R9196909.JPG R9196910.JPG R9196911.JPG R9196912.JPG R9196913.JPG
R9196914.JPG R9196915.JPG R9196916.JPG R9196917.JPG R9196918.JPG R9196919.JPG
R9196920.JPG R9196921.JPG

Heading Home

Oklahoma City

R9206926.JPG R9206927.JPG R9206928.JPG

Santa Fe Station, Oklahoma City

R9216929.JPG R9216930.JPG R9216931.JPG R9216932.JPG R9216933.JPG R9216934.JPG


R9166826.JPG R9166827.JPG R9166828.JPG

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