Pirate Radio 107.3 FM North Seattle

Picked up a pirate radio station operating on 107.3 FM.  It was strongest near 145th St. and Aurora Ave N.  Barely receivable at 175th and Aurora and all but gone by 185th.  They would have gone farther if they had picked a vacant frequency but 107.3 is already occupied by two distant commercial stations.

The first clue that it wasn’t a commercial station was the ultra horrid audio, just slightly better than telephone quality but not much below 300Hz or above about 5Khz.  Modulation pretty random, obviously no compressor or limiter, and about every third word was an F-bomb.

I really hate to see pirate radio done this way, poor quality and just pretty much there to offend with absolutely no sense of responsibility.

87.7 FM DX

At about 11:45 yesterday (June 2nd 2014) I received a Spanish speaking station on 87.7FM.  This did sound like E-skip, lots of fading, and it lasted about fifteen minutes on and off, it faded in and out over that time frame.  There was Spanish speaking talking and what sounded like Mexican music.  Unfortunately, did not get a station ID, not sure if I would have recognized the letters in Spanish anyway.

Mystery of 87.9 Mhz – Solved!

I think I’ve finally solved the mystery of these short periods of reception on 87.9 Mhz which lack the normal selective fading of some form of skip or the slow fading of ducting.

The clue was that while I was stopped at a light, all of the sudden the Howard Stern show came on.  Howard Stern isn’t broadcast terrestrially anymore but does have a satellite radio show on SiriusXM satellite radio.

It occurred to me that what I might be receiving on 87.9 Mhz is peoples SiriusXM radio converters.  That explains the usual short duration of the reception (they drive away).

Doing some research, I found that indeed the converters are tunable across the entire FM band but 87.9 Mhz, owing to it being clear across most of the country, is the most widely chosen channel.

I also found out there had been F.C.C. actions with regard to these SiriusXM converters being over-powered and causing interference to legitimate stations.  So it all fits, not real DX but bleed from satellite down converters.

More Weirdness on 87.9 Mhz – What Is Going On?

Today I received three different stations on 87.9 Mhz at three different times.

Around 11am, I went to the Post Office and then headed towards Fred Meyers.  I was on 175th Street just East of Aurora Ave N, and just stopped at the light.

A station faded in out of nothing, complete quieting, and it was playing a musical song with Japanese lyrics.  It lasted about a minute and a half.

Then later, around 3pm, I took my wife to get her check and head to the bank and on the way to the bank, again on 175th, another station came in, this time playing RAP in English.  But this time it only lasted about five seconds.

Then when we were stopped at a light on 164th Street leaving Walmart, around 6pm, a Spanish speaking station with Mexican music came in.  This one lasted about 30 seconds.

I’ve been interested in DX reception for many decades and I’ve never experienced propagation like this.  I have received TV DX over great distances like this but they usually lasted longer than these relatively brief periods of reception and involved a lot more fade and the video and audio were often distorted significantly by selective fading and multipath.

I’ve also received brief burps of signal, probably meteor trails, but those were much shorter than these events.

I’m convinced there is something new and different going on and I’m not even sure if it’s in the atmosphere.  Either there has to be some very brief ducting or multi-hop skip, because the distances involved are two great for a single hop which is limited to about 100 miles, but the characteristics are not like skip I’ve received in the past.

These are fade in fairly rapidly (going from no signal to solid full quieting in 1-2 seconds), remain complete solid during the time the signal is receivable which has been between about a second and maybe five minutes, and then fade out just as quickly and don’t come back.  There is no audible distortion or multipath distortion.

So I’m wondering if our atmosphere is acting differently because of altered chemistry?  Or perhaps something HAARP is doing?  Or maybe there is something providing a large artificial reflective surface such as an unacknowledged black project vehicle or maybe an alien craft?

There is definitely something different going on.  I’ve monitored these frequencies for many years and never received anything until just recently and now it’s almost daily.

87.9 Mhz Another Short Reception

While sitting at a light on Aurora and about 165th, I briefly received a signal, it came in and was gone in about two seconds.  It was some kind of music that sounded like something I might hear on a Chinese film, something traditional, not modern, no vocals.

Seems odd that these short bursts keep coming in on this frequency, I’ve monitored quite a number of other locally unused frequencies and haven’t heard anything similar and most of them are far more occupied nationally.

87.9 Mhz More Strangeness

Monitored 87.9 Mhz some more today while driving.  Sitting at the stop sign on 6th Ave and 205th St NE waiting for a chance to pull out in traffic and listing to noise when a strong signal emerged, remained for about three seconds, then rapidly was gone back to white noise again.

Then driving down I-5, just south of the University district, picked up a signal briefly.

All of these times it faded up very suddenly, stayed for a short duration, then faded out very rapidly.

Didn’t hear enough of it to determine what it was, one time sounded like religious music, another time sounded like Chinese music, but both times it only lasted a few seconds so not enough to really know what was going on.

It definitely was not cross-modulation, the signal was clean and only one program material.  Also, at 6th, I was sitting still when the signal came up out of the noise, achieved full quieting, and then went back into the noise.




Strange Signal 87.9 Mhz FM

I was driving to where I have equipment co-located, traveling east bound on Highway 90, just past Mercer Island, just into Bellevue (Washington), monitoring 87.9 because I had picked up a pirate station in downtown Bellevue a week prior.

The station I had picked up in downtown was extremely weak, receivable for only a few blocks so it may even actually been legal (the radio in my car is very sensitive).

But this was something totally different.  It rapidly faded in, in about 1-2 seconds, just east of Mercer Island, it was playing a Viagra commercial, it was rock solid from about the I-405 interchange to the East Gate exit, where it faded out equally fast as it had faded in.

There are only two legal stations on this frequency in the US, one is a whopping 10 watts at a high school in California, the other 28 watts at a church in Nevada.

When I came back from the co-lo facility, it was gone.  Maybe something breaking through form a parallel dimension .. (Twilight Zone music)