Coast to Coast Live – No Longer Free

     Used to be you could listen to coast-to-coast Live for free on the web.  You had to be a member to listen to past shows but live shows were free.

     The night before last I went to their site.  The “Take Me To The Live Stream” link went to a hosting companies advertising page.

     The Listen with Windows Player link didn’t work but I’m using Linux so didn’t expect it to.

     The Listen with Coast Player link wanted me to sign in as a member.

     So apparently they decided it wasn’t cost effective to provide free web access to the Live show anymore.  I wrote to support, got this for an answer:

Hi Nanook,


Thanks for reaching out! Please note, a paid membership is required to access the content in our app and website.


If you do not and are interested in subscribing please go to:

For Coast Insider:


Thank you!

     I informed them that it wasn’t worth $5/month to me to listen to George Noory.

Heather Wade

     It was announced tonight that Midnight In The Desert is going to be back on one of the major stations that carried it when Art Bell was the host.  I’m glad to hear this.  I think she is doing a good job.

     With respect to audio quality, I’ve found that bringing the level down on the codec and then bringing up the master volume to compensate results in better quality.

Heather Wade on Midnight In The Desert

     I was not optimistic about the ability for another host to pull it off with respect to Midnight in the Desert, but I have to say Heather Wade is capable of a decent interview.

     She doesn’t have the voice of Art Bell, nor the sense of humor.  But she is intelligent and scientifically literate and able to ask good questions of the guest so I am finding her not unpleasant to listen to, unlike the competition.