FM Band Propagation from the North

Propagation from the North seems to be stronger than usual during the warm afternoons of the last few days.  Normally, here in Shoreline, I can pick up 100.3 CKKQ “The Q” reasonably well, but not so with CHTT “Jack FM” on 103.1.  It’s usually pretty marginal.

These last few days I’ve been able to listen to them on the car radio as I drive around the Seattle / Shoreline area.

At first I wondered if they might have received a power increase or increased their antenna height, but then I tuned in the other morning and it was just marginally receivable as usual.

I’m guessing perhaps we’ve got a bit of a temperature inversion over the water in the afternoon resulting in a bit of tropospheric bending.

It’s always fun being able to listen to something that ordinarily wouldn’t make the trip so well.

I do wonder how they get “Jack FM” out of “CHTT”, but then if you pronounce “CHTT” it’s close enough to something you don’t want to be associated with that you’ll find anything else to call yourself.