KNHC – Larry Adams

(Updated 7/11/2014): Today, 7-1/2 years later I finally learned that this was in fact a hoax, that Larry is still alive.  This was made known to me by another fellow KNHCer that indicated to me that he preferred not to have his name published. At the time I made every attempt to contact Larry but was unsuccessful.  I am happy to hear the same of the Tumwater radio station was just a retirement.  It’s still difficult for me to fathom that someone would want to put forth such a hoax and that more than seven years went by before someone contacted me to let me know otherwise.  There are some cruel bastards in this world.

(Updated 3/22/2007): I based the following post from a communications I received from someone who claimed to be from KNHC, unfortunately I did not save their information, frankly I was in a bit of a state of shock at the time.

I have not been able to confirm this death from any 3rd party, nor have I been able to determine if Larry is still alive. If this was a hoax on someone’s part it is a terrible cruel hoax. If anybody knows the status with certainty, please contact me.

I learned over the weekend that Larry Adams passed away.

Larry Adams was the original founder of KNHC 89.5 FM radio at Nathan Hale high school. He was one of two instructors of the radio and electronics class and he is a man who has influenced my life greatly.

I’ll admit that I didn’t like him at first, he seemed terribly serious and stern. Only towards the end of my time at Nathan Hale did I come to realize what he had done for me and so many others.

He is a very good man and the world will miss him.