KEXP Shake The Shack Gone

Shack The Shack Dead

     DJ Mike Fuller retired ending the 30 year run of Shake the Shack, this April.  I miss this show very much, it was a Friday Night regular for me.  I will admit that it seemed lacking since Dr. Leon Berman left.  Maybe the show just couldn’t survive without a Dr. of Proctology at it’s helm.

     Two genre’s of music I particularly enjoyed were rockabilly and surf music, and I also enjoyed much of the novelty music that aired on this show.  The older I get, the more I feel abandoned by the broadcast industry.  Not excited by the more mainstream trash programming that KEXP has replaced it with.

     There are some other good sources on the Internet such as That Rockabilly Show, but nothing I can listen to in my car as I’m out on my Friday grocery run.

Rescind Radio Ownership Law Relaxations of the 1996 Telecommunications Act

The vast majority of news media is in the hands of just a few corporations. Fake news is rampant. We did not have this problem prior to the change in ownership laws in the Telecommunications Act of 1996 that allowed mega corporations to own 500 stations or more. In order to stop fake news and allow a diversity of opinions and positions to be presented in the news media, we need to restore the ownership laws that were in place for broadcast prior to 1996 by revoking the ownership rule relaxations in the 1996 Telecommunications Act.

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