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Christine's Gargoyles Awards:

Winner, July 1998

Links2Go "Gargoyles" Award 
May 1999
Gargoyles Internet Reunion, February 2000 Fandom Awards:
Favorite Fanwriter -- First Place
Most Influential Person -- First Place
Funny Fanfic -- tied for Second Place (Love Machine, Masks)
Long Fanfic -- Second Place (numerous stories)
Fanfic Series -- Second Place (continuing series)
Short Fanfic -- First Place (Demon Whispers, Night Moves, Dear Diary)
Romantic Fanfic -- Second Place (for numerous stories)
Fanfic Character -- First Place (Jericho) and Third Place (Aiden)
Christine has been called "the Queen of Gargoyles Fan Fiction." Here you will find almost 100 stories 
based on Gargoyles.

(see also Kimberly T.'s vignettes set in Christine's fanfic universe)

The Gallery of Gargoyle fan art inspired by Christine's stories and characters, contributed by several good 
friends and talented artists. 
Links (and Web Rings) to other Gargoyle Sites
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Christine's collection of Gargoyles merchandise
Becca Morgan's Lexington Page
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