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About me
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Hi, my name is Carl. I grew up and currently live in Shoreline, Washington. I maintain and operate Carl's Shoreline Weather Station. I spend most of my time making a living repairing and calibrating none contact infrared thermometers in Everett, Washington.

When I'm not at work I'm usually being a hermit behind my computer screen either reading the news, playing computer games (mostly war stragity and The Sims II,) or watching the next big weather system slam into the Pacific Northwest. Ocasionally I will also venture out of my house with friends and family. I also go out a lot on random photography adventures. You'll get the idea if you take a peak at my photo gallery.

My biggest interest is weather, present, past, and what possibly may be to come. I'm also facinated with geology, electronics, anything involving energy, especially alternitive energy sources. Lately I've also been kind of a history nut, particulary in North American history before european settlers.

Music is another big part of my life and what I like to do, or would like to do. I play a few musical instruments, primarly the Gutair. I also DJ for friend's house partys here and there. My favorite genre typically falls under Classic Rock - Rock - Alterntive Rock and relating catogorys. Generally however, genre isn't too important as long as it's a really good song, and not the generic pop crap music that most record companys and public radio stations promote the hell out of these days.

Some of my favorite TV shows are typically comedy's mostly of the Adult Swim channel stuff. South Park is a show I typically watch religiously. Other favorites are Venture Bro's, Robot Chicken, Family Guy, Moral Oral, Squid Billies, and Aqual Team Hunger Force.

My favorite movies generally fall under crude humor comedys and action movies. I also like to watch kung fu movies, which I suppose falls under action.

Well, there ya have it, probably to much information about me...