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Homepage History
And now for a little bit of history. I started learning html when I was 13 years old in 1996. Just starting middle school I got interested in web building. Back in the day when frames were none existant and tables were mearly a basic. I started with a single page and a links page. It was very primitive. Then I started exploaring java script codes in 1997-1998. They were really cool but it was really unconventional for computers back then that didn't typically have alot of cpu or a high screen resolution. While playing with the javascript I also descovered frames, and played with thoes. The current frame setup is actually as old as 1998. By 2001 I had all of the javascript removed except the changing images on mouse over for the links and navigation bar. In August of 2003 I went through my whole homepage, tore it down, rebuilt it, removed all of the javascript and put everything in tables. The page loaded much faster at this point. And sense 2003 It's remained in the same state with diffrent sections added to the Navigation bar. However I was still stuck in the world of frames. Finally in the summer of 2006, I've broken out of that. Now my website is entirely in complete tables alone. No frames, no javascript. I am however using style sheets currently, so colors don't work so well with older versions of netscape or mozilla. I am working on fixing that as well. Hope you guys have fun! It's been a huge and ongoing learning experience for me.
Update History; Updated: 10/27/2010@8:31pm PDT
This page was born on 12/30/1996. This page has been reborn on 8/23/2003.
03/01/2017: Haven't touched this webpage for nearly 7 years. Expired links in contact info have been removed/fixed. Updated links in side bar.
10/27/2010: Been far too long. Updated and fixed broken links in the weather station, also weather station is now on it's own domain name. More to come!
11/15/2009: Corrected "About Me" for where I live, Also fixed the photo gallery.
11/09/2009: Fixed and updated the weather links.
06/08/2009: Removed some broken links.
01/11/2009: Wrote the history and hardware info page for the weather station, added it to the navigation bar, also removed some old dead projects from the navigation bar.
01/10/2009: Did some minor tweaking with the title sections and fixed the weather station to work in most browsers now.
01/10/2009: Updated about me, as I have moved, etc etc...
01/10/2009: Completly re-vamped the weather station page. Check it out! A few minor changes will be made at a later date. Feedback Welcome!
11/09/2008: Added my email address under contact below, just realised I somehow removed it previously.
10/29/2008: Uploaded new photos, as always. Also added something neat to the weather station page.
04/20/2008: Photos are back! New and improved.
04/16/2008: Got rid of the photo gallery due to it being to slow and problem-matic.
01/21/2008: The weather station is back online!
12/15/2007: Photo gallery is now back online, but is not yet complete. I will get everything back eventually, check back for updates.
09/26/2007: Made many changes, possibly most of the final changes on the weatherstation page.
09/18/2007: Added my weather station to the navigation bar. It's in expirmental stages right now.
09/15/2007: Finally an update. Due to server failures my photo gallery has been temporarly killed. I am slowly working to restore it.
01/07/2007: Added more weather links.
01/07/2007: Added a new link to the links section.
12/31/2006: Transformation complete.
12/31/2006: New happeings... remodeling page again, taking it to a new angle!
12/09/2006: New photos! Check out my gallery.
11/19/2006: Updated about me.
11/11/2006: Added another link.
10/21/2006: Updated links, had a couple domain changes on some sites.
09/26/2006: Added a new link.
09/03/2006: Cleaned out dead links. Some friends websites expired. Sad to see them go.
09/02/2006: Pulled the website down to clean up old un-used files. Back up now.
09/02/2006: Discovered alot of text was displaying imporperly in IE (aka internet exploader) fixed undefined tags.
09/02/2006: Updated about me page.
09/02/2006: Been re-organising some things... cleaning some things up, removing old stuff sense they've been outdated by the gallery.
08/27/2006: Removed old manual fishblog, and converted it to, implemented into my webpage. It's like it never happened. *Grin*
08/27/2006: My homepage and all sub-pages are now valitated! (meaning, all code is to code... if that makes any sense.)
08/26/2006: New photos in the garage. For the '84 Brat
08/13/2006: Spent the last 2 weekends working on a new photo gallery. It's still in the expirmental stage. Check it out!
08/06/2006: New photos! Check digital photography for them.
08/05/2006: Updated my about me photo.
08/01/2006: Fixed a broken link.
07/30/2006: Finished with the color shifting. I'll probably do more later.
07/30/2006: Changed and still changing some colors. Primary on the tables
07/30/2006: updated links! Added a friend's page, and the new Eskimo North BBS.
07/19/2006: Re-arranged the navigation bar.
07/19/2006: Created a seperate blog for weather related stuff I may be doing.
07/19/2006: Did some more work on my blog.
07/16/2006: I have a blog now. Still tweaking it though.
07/13/2006: added more (old) photos, to the Brat's gallery under garage, and to Picnic Point under Digital Photography.
07/13/2006: re-uploaded all digital photos in full resolution.
07/12/2006: new photos in digital photography and in the garage.
07/11/2006: Added a link.
07/09/2006: Updated links page, Organised it a bit too.
07/09/2006: Made some minor corrections in Digital photography, fixed the garage a little.
07/03/2006: Did some tweaks, added a contact me section. And did some behind the scenes stuff.
07/01/2006: Got everything else all done and converted to tables. YAY!
07/01/2006: Finished converting My Garage, Also Converted Digital Photography.
06/29/2006: Did some more converting work. The pages for my Subaru GL Brat are now complete. Rest of the Garage is not.
06/27/2006: Worked a little more on embedding everything. I've got everything down to the Aquatic Obsessions done.
06/26/2006: I have finally broken out of the old world of frames! Not all is finished. Check back soon.
06/18/2006: finished the garage photo blog thing... Check back though for added photos!
06/17/2006: updated my garage, still under contruction though.
04/16/2006: re-did and updated my "about me."
03/24/2006: new photos under digital photography/richmond beach.
02/14/2006: updated navigation, added a fish blog under fish stuff.
02/14/2006: updated fish section under my pets.
02/11/2006: got pictures of my cat up now under my pets.
01/21/2006: updated links again.
01/17/2006: Updated pets. Added my Aquriums, Not finished though.
01/15/2006: Updated the update page. :-P Also put historic info into a seperate page.
01/15/2006: Updated more links, played with more tables.
01/15/2006: Remodeled and re-organised my links, added new ones.
01/06/2006: Removed Blog, updated about me.
10/25/2005: I added a blog.
10/25/2005: I think I'm happy now, Changed the appearance a bit, Added some links.
10/25/2005: doing some changing of the look work here, I'm n ot finished, but I will work more on it soon.
10/21/2005: more photos in the digital photography albums!
03/28/2005: added photos in the digital photography; under West Seattle.
03/26/2005: adding digital photography, images are not up yet, but will be.
02/13/2005: Added a single photo to the Picnic Point section.
02/13/2005: I had to remove my guestbook, as it was so flooded with spam, that the first update on it was feburary 3rd, to present, any entrys older than that, were pushed off, So I think thats over 100 entrys of spam right there, sense the 3rd.