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My Garage
Photo of 2 subarus in my driveway Ok, So one of my friends got me hooked on Subarus. Mainly for their cheap ability to run, and go offroad. Their bodys are short, relativily narrow, and they have high ground clearance. Makes it hard for them to high center. Though I have not yet taken one off roading my self, I might some day. One of my hobbies is such this, working on cars. Right now Subarus seem to be my victums of choice due to their easy to come by parts, and easyness it is to work on one; compared to most cars anyway. I have two of them currently. I have a 1984 Subaru Brat, with the stock jump seats and associated seat belts (very rare!) The car isn't rusted out either, wich is also rare for Brats. Thus far, the Brat is the only car I have ever driven thats never died and left me stranded. The only thing that caused it unable to drive was not passing emissions a couple times. Another reason Subarus have become my car of choice. Anyway, here I will post pictures and whatnot about the cars and various projects I do to them. This will always be updated.
1984 Subaru GL Brat, 09/05/2003 - Totaled 05/24/2008
1984 Subaru GL Coupe Turbo, 10/16/2004 - 5/28/2006
1986 Subaru GL XT Coup Turbo, 4/26/2006 - Present