Longmire Wooden Truss Suspension Bridge

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The Longmire Wooden Truss Suspension Bridge is obviously different from the others within Mt Rainier National Park, but also unique among bridges anywhere. Built in the early 1920s, it features an unusual combination of timber trusses and steel cables. Despite its heavy structure, it still moves as you cross it (in a car.)

Although this bridge is open to vehicles, it doesn't lead to anywhere the public can drive except the other side of the bridge. But beyond is a gravel park service road open to bikes that takes you all the way to the Skate Creek Road outside the park in the adjoining national forest.

I have not taken this ride yet but will include a video as soon as I do.

Because of the load, the cables on the Longmire bridge are larger than those on the pedestrian spans.

The wooden structure was replaced after thirty years, but is still like new sixty years after that.

The massive stucture dwarfs those walking across it.

Originally this bridge led to the Longmire campground, which was eventually closed due to the fragile environment and overuse. A much larger campground then opened at Cougar Rock.