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Hillside Wrestling Weekend XIV, July 2007

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Hillside Wrestling Weekend XIV was held July 25-29, 2007. It was the 14th annual wrestling weekend and my 12th. As with last year, there were lots of new guys experiencing Hillside for the first time. With 110 wrestlers registered, there was plenty of opportunity to wrestle, with mild weather day and night. There was a big thunderstorm on Friday which caused about 500 power outages in Scranton and Carbondale, and a lot of flooding, but it was fine at camp.

Many pictures have been resized for quick loading; e-mail me if you want to see particular originals. If all the thumbnails don’t load, just hit the Refresh button or click the blue rectangle to see the full-size picture.

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The Ride There and Back (NY, NJ & PA)     |     At Hillside: Wrestling and other photos from Hillside Campground

Riding to Hillside 2007

Pick tomatoes before leaving so they don’t spoil on the vine while I’m away. Warm & sunny weather both coming and going; took G.W. Bridge going and Bayonne Bridge returning. Fog in eastern PA makes for some interesting photos, but the mosquitoes mostly stay away, unlike last year. Arrive Wednesday evening around 9.

R7240465.JPG R7240466.JPG R7240467.JPG R7250469.JPG R7250470.JPG R7250471.JPG R7250472.JPG R7250473.JPG R7250474.JPG
R7250475.JPG R7250476.JPG R7250477.JPG R7250478.JPG R7250479.JPG R7250480.JPG R7250481.JPG R7250482.JPG R7250483.JPG
R7250484.JPG R7250485.JPG R7250486.JPG R7250487.JPG R7250488.JPG

At Hillside

Wrestling and campsite photos

Get to camp around dusk on Wednesday and wrestle through Sunday. The weather was generally warm and pleasant, though there was some rain. Friday afternoon was the soggiest but then it cleared up. The mats were all protected with tents (Unlike last year, the oil tent held up). Once again, our dedicated cooks did a great job preparing three meals a day.
R7260489.JPG R7260490.JPG R7260491.JPG R7260492.JPG R7260493.JPG R7260494.JPG R7260495.JPG R7260496.JPG R7260497.JPG
R7260498.JPG R7260499.JPG R7260500.JPG R7260501.JPG R7260502.JPG R7260504.JPG R7260505.JPG R7260506.JPG
R7270507.JPG R7270508.JPG R7270509.JPG R7270510.JPG R7270511.JPG R7270512.JPG

Ken vs. Nick match on Friday (thanks to Bob who took the photos)

IMG_2337.JPG IMG_2339.JPG IMG_2340.JPG IMG_2341.JPG IMG_2342.JPG IMG_2343.JPG IMG_2344.JPG IMG_2345.JPG IMG_2346.JPG
IMG_2347.JPG IMG_2348.JPG IMG_2349.JPG IMG_2350.JPG IMG_2351.JPG IMG_2352.JPG IMG_2353.JPG IMG_2354.JPG IMG_2355.JPG
IMG_2356.JPG IMG_2357.JPG

The pro clinic is held at a new location, just below site 60, and on Friday due to the rain forecast for Saturday and Sunday. But the rest of the weekend was sunny and warm.

R7270514.JPG R7270515.JPG R7270516.JPG R7270517.JPG R7270518.JPG R7270519.JPG R7270520.JPG R7270521.JPG R7270522.JPG
R7270523.JPG R7270524.JPG R7270525.JPG R7270526.JPG R7270527.JPG R7270528.JPG R7270529.JPG R7270530.JPG R7270531.JPG
R7270533.JPG R7270534.JPG R7270535.JPG R7270536.JPG R7270537.JPG R7270538.JPG R7270539.JPG R7270540.JPG R7270541.JPG
R7270543.JPG R7270544.JPG R7270545.JPG R7270546.JPG R7270547.JPG R7270548.JPG R7270549.JPG R7270550.JPG R7270551.JPG
R7270552.JPG R7270553.JPG R7270554.JPG R7270555.JPG R7270556.JPG R7270557.JPG R7270558.JPG R7270559.JPG R7270560.JPG
R7270561.JPG R7270562.JPG R7270563.JPG R7270564.JPG R7270566.JPG R7270567.JPG R7270568.JPG

For the first time, there was a Brazilian jiu-jitsu clinic at the sub tent on Saturday morning, before and during the freestyle tournament.

R7280569.JPG R7280570.JPG R7280571.JPG R7280572.JPG

The freestyle tournament.

R7280573.JPG R7280574.JPG R7280575.JPG R7280576.JPG R7280577.JPG R7280578.JPG R7280579.JPG R7280580.JPG R7280581.JPG
R7280582.JPG R7280583.JPG R7280584.JPG R7280585.JPG R7280586.JPG R7280587.JPG R7280588.JPG R7280589.JPG R7280590.JPG
R7280591.JPG R7280592.JPG R7280593.JPG

Around camp, after the tournament.

R7280594.JPG R7280595.JPG R7280596a.jpg R7280597.JPG R7290598.JPG

Packing up tents and mats (all but one) on Sunday morning, and various shots from around camp on Sunday and Monday.

R7290599.JPG R7290600.JPG R7300601a.jpg R7300605.JPG R7300607.JPG R7300608.JPG R7300609.JPG R7300610.JPG R7300611.JPG
R7300612.JPG R7300613.JPG R7300614.JPG R7300615.JPG R7300616.JPG R7300617.JPG R7300618.JPG R7300619.JPG R7300620.JPG
R7300622.JPG R7300623.JPG R7300624.JPG R7300625.JPG R7300626.JPG

Riding back, met a wrestler riding in Belleville, NJ, then crossed the Bayonne Bridge and was soon back home on Staten Island, where I mowed the lawn and picked some of the many tomatoes that ripened while I was away.

R8010627.JPG R8010628.JPG R8010629.JPG R8010634.JPG R8010639.JPG R8010641.JPG

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