Long Delayed Echo

     While I was in high school (about 4 decades+ ago), I operated a pirate AM radio station on 1200 Khz.  We’d always end our transmission with a sign-off then cut the transmitter.  I had a Sony Earth Orbiter radio that I used to monitor our transmission and one night, after I cut the transmitter, I heard the last perhaps 1/2 second of our transmission on the radio as if it had been reflected back from some distant location.  The thing is at 100 watts, our range was quite limited.  With a high quality communications receiver you could hear us maybe 15 miles away, with the average radio maybe 3-4 miles.  Not nearly far enough to account for the delay.

     While there are many instances of echo on YouTube, it’s usually by not even 1/2 second but more on the order of 1/15th of a second, more of a reverb than an echo.

     I have read of accounts of long delayed echos of as much as 30 seconds.

     I have heard theories that it might involve a conversion from an electromagnetic wave into an acoustic wave in the plasma of the ionosphere and because the acoustic wave travels much slower, and then if by the same mechanism translated back into an electromagnetic signal, because the acoustic transmission was much slower in than the speed of light, especially in the tenuous plasma, that a relatively short path could account for the extreme delays.

     I personally find this theory a bit convoluted and can’t help but wonder if perhaps something more direct is involved, something involving the nature of time perhaps not being strictly linear as we commonly think of it.  Perhaps there are loops or vorticies in time.

Coast to Coast

     Listening to Coast to Coast (since Midnight In The Desert doesn’t run on the weekends), I was noticing their ads for paranormaldating.com, etc.

     I was wondering if you had like this psycho-killer guy on the dating site setting up dates that never returned, what kind of liabilities would Premier Networks and George Noory himself incur?

Dr. Leon Berman Leaving KEXP / Shack the Shack

     Tonight I am very saddened to hear that next Friday, July 15th, 2016, will be Dr. Leon Berman’s last Shake the Shack show on KEXP.

     He will be leaving the program, Cuzzin Mike Fuller will continue the show, however, I can’t imagine it being the same or nearly as comprehensive musically as it has been under Dr. Berman’s leadership.

     Dr. Leon Berman had this quote on his page, “I grew up thinking the voice of Pat O’Day was God”.  Folks, Pat O’Day is radio done right in my book, and in his sober life a hell of a nice guy and so I can’t think of a better radio guy to emulate.

     There is no explanation given in KEXP‘s website, in fact not even any notice that he is leaving, only found out listening to the show tonight.

Art Bell

     Art Bell shared on his Facebook page a second reason he left the air.  He is suffering from COPD.  This is the same thing that killed my mother, also a long time smoker.  I find it especially sad since he has a couple of young daughters to raise.

     He did say he would try to do some “fill in” shows.

Coast to Coast Live – No Longer Free

     Used to be you could listen to coast-to-coast Live for free on the web.  You had to be a member to listen to past shows but live shows were free.

     The night before last I went to their site.  The “Take Me To The Live Stream” link went to a hosting companies advertising page.

     The Listen with Windows Player link didn’t work but I’m using Linux so didn’t expect it to.

     The Listen with Coast Player link wanted me to sign in as a member.

     So apparently they decided it wasn’t cost effective to provide free web access to the Live show anymore.  I wrote to support, got this for an answer:

Hi Nanook,


Thanks for reaching out! Please note, a paid membership is required to access the content in our app and website.


If you do not and are interested in subscribing please go to:

For Coast Insider:


Thank you!

     I informed them that it wasn’t worth $5/month to me to listen to George Noory.

Heather Wade

     It was announced tonight that Midnight In The Desert is going to be back on one of the major stations that carried it when Art Bell was the host.  I’m glad to hear this.  I think she is doing a good job.

     With respect to audio quality, I’ve found that bringing the level down on the codec and then bringing up the master volume to compensate results in better quality.

Heather Wade on Midnight In The Desert

     I was not optimistic about the ability for another host to pull it off with respect to Midnight in the Desert, but I have to say Heather Wade is capable of a decent interview.

     She doesn’t have the voice of Art Bell, nor the sense of humor.  But she is intelligent and scientifically literate and able to ask good questions of the guest so I am finding her not unpleasant to listen to, unlike the competition.

Art Bell Reward

     This posted on Heather Wade Midnight in the Desert Fan Club on December 20th:

This is from Art yesterday:

I will offer $20,000.00 to anybody providing information leading to the Arrest and Conviction of the person or persons responsible for the Stalking Terror resulting in my Leaving the air from MITD.

Art Bell

     I’m glad to see him make this offer.  I hope it has the intended effect of bringing this person or persons to justice.  We all know fans wouldn’t have to be paid for this but hopefully it will motivate some non-fans to provide the necessary information and soon.

     I would love to see Art Bell return to the air but I fear it can only happen if it happens while the dark matter digital radio network is still financially viable and while it still has the contracted stations.  If it fails, nobody is going to ever be willing to stick their neck out financially to make it happen again.


Back in the day, mid-60’s, KJR’s market share approached 35% with their top-40 format.  Today that kind of market share is unheard of for a music station.  KJR is an AM Seattle station on 950 KHz.  Today it is a sports radio format.

The Internet, cable, satellite, podcasts, all competing have resulted in a degree of specialization that did not exist 40-50 years ago and really has killed broadcasting and replaced it with narrowcasting.  It’s not the same now when you listen and you know the experience is shared by only a few that share your interests.

There was magic in those days when there were a good number of clear channels where a station just went forever.  KJR didn’t have the power that clear channel stations had, they ran 5Kw directional at night, but they still were widely heard.  Part of the reason is that they had their antenna on Harbor Island, which was just a few feet above sea-level in a salt-water area so ground conductivity was excellent.

When I was a teenager (40 years ago), I ran a bootleg radio station and used to go down to KJR to scrounge old equipment which was often given to us or sold for almost nothing.  The folks there were very nice.  The engineers let me sit in on proof of performance testing, actually at KISW, which helped me to learn what was involved as I was working towards a 1st phone at the time.

Most music format stations have moved to FM, and most clear channels got turned into minority stations, and digital has created so much hash from the powerful stations that weaker adjacent stations are lost in the hash.  The magic is gone, the fun is gone, it’s a lost era.