Tethered To A Rock

Hearing reports of mother ships releasing five or six ships after leaving a portal in space which then come to earth lead me to wonder if mother ships are really ships as we think of them, vehicles for getting from one place to the next.

I wonder if space faring races, once they reach a technological level where space travel becomes trivial and where control over their environment becomes nearly absolute, I wonder then if these advanced races don’t actually prefer to no longer be tethered to a rock.

They may consider it far too confining, and the environment may be far less pleasant to them than their artificial ship environment. They may spend generation after generation traveling through space, completely nomadic, bringing agriculture or other food creating technology with them on their travels.

For what purpose do they exist? Do they exist just to reproduce and exist some more? To spread their life form as widely as possible throughout the universe? Do they look for God? Do they attempt to help less advanced species advance? Or enslave them? Or perhaps they have a taste for alien meat?

I try to think of what we would do if we had that technology at our disposal. Man seems to have a difficult time finding meaning in life unless we’re struggling to stay alive.

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Orb Wars

Orb UFORainbow cloud.

I stumbled across an excellent site dealing with the phenomena of orb UFO’s called Orb Wars.

This site is definitely worth a look and a book mark. They have many photos of orb UFO’s very much like those that I photographed, but most strikingly they have photographs of stealth aircraft changing into an orb form. I do not believe this is what I photographed because those moved only very slowly in the sky, but many of the photos do resemble closely what I photographed and at the very least it documents technology that our government isn’t telling us about.

This site draws a connection between stealth fighters, orbs, and the 9/11 twin tower event.

The author also has some of the best prismatic effects, rainbows in clouds, that I have ever seen. I have photographed prismatic cloud effects but none as brilliant as these.

Where I have greater difficulties is with the chemtrail material, I see nothing in those photos other than ordinary contrails. The author is apparently unfamiliar with atmospheric conditions that are right on the verge of saturation that causes contrails to dissipate very slowly.

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UFO Freeway / Portal

Regarding the existence of a UFO freeway which is being guarded by three red security ships that blow ships belonging to grays up if they try to leave.. Subsequent events since talking to Ted have lead me to believe this is may be a scam designed to get eyes on his products.

He has subsequently sent half a dozen e-mails advertising another domain that brokers mortgages and home security products. The latter supposedly can serve to make it just impossible for the grays to come in and abduct us while we’re sleeping. Undoubtedly a civilization that has come here from half-way across the galaxy, and can travel through walls or beam people up through the ceiling, such a civilization couldn’t possibly figure out a way around Ted’s superior technology.

After doing a bit of Google searching, I’ve discovered that this has been the pattern all over the Internet, get the word out about the Space Freeway, and oh by the way if you need a mortgage or home security product…

However, I have found many reports worldwide of activity within this region though not limited to the triangle at the end of the Big Dipper handle as he illustrates but also all along the handle. Perhaps this is not particularly surprising since the Big Dipper is one of the most recognized constellations and frequently a reference point for finding other things in the sky, thus it has a lot of eyes on it. So at this point I’ll just reserve judgment but did feel the commercial aspects of this UFO freeway promotion worth mentioning.

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UFO Flap Over Canada March 2007 – American Chronical

This article in the American Chronicle lists UFO sightings in Canada during March of 2007.

The American Chronicle treats the subject very factually and provides substantial details. It is interesting to note that the March UFO flap (which appears to be continuing into April and perhaps even intensifying) appears to be very widespread with a large number of reports in the US, Canada, France, and UK.

The spherical craft, such as I have photographed, seem to be frequently reported in both the US and Canada presently as well as elsewhere. Black triangles also seem to be commonly sighted but not frequently photographed with clarity which I find strange since they usually are reported to be slow moving and large, and thus easy photographic targets.

Fun With Photoshop

Russian SaucerThis picture featured in Our Strange World claims to be a flying saucer that was made for the Russian Air Force in the 1950’s. I wouldn’t doubt that the Russians had at some point pursued something along the lines but I think this particular photo fits under the heading, “Fun with Photoshop”.

You will note the left edge of the saucer facing us is reflecting strongly in our direction suggesting a light source behind our left shoulder, however, the jet in front of it is not illuminated in this same region.

Additionally, I doubt the Russians would leave such an item parked out in the open for our spy planes and satellites to photograph, let alone allow their military personal to distribute photographs. It has also weathered remarkably well for a fifty year old aircraft.

News You Can’t Use

In the news you can’t use department, from the “World of Royalty Blog“, otherwise known as the “Ask Me If I Give a Flying er UFO Blog”, I learned today that Prince Philip had once planned to meet with Adam Adamski but apparently decided meeting with a UFO abductee was just too dangerous. I mean you just never know when those pesky aliens might return and you’d be in a for a probing yourself.

Apparently, he was also concerned about potential embarrassment of the Royals if it leaked. He should talk to Charles, I’m sure Charles could provide Prince Philip with a few pointers on the subject of Royal Embarrassment.

I’m actually with Monty Python on this one, “Some woman lyin’ at the bottom of a lake distributing swords is no basis of government. You can’t expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart throws a sword at you.”

I wonder which the aliens would find more humorous, the insanity that happens in a “democracy”, or in British Royalty?