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Hillside Wrestling Weekend XV, July 2008

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Hillside Wrestling Weekend XV was held July 23-27, 2008. It was the 15th annual wrestling weekend and my 13th. As with last year, there was a mix of new guys experiencing Hillside for the first time, and Hillside veterans coming back for more mat action. The weekend got off to a soggy start, then it dried out. There was a freestyle tournament, plenty of submission wrestling, and the pro show.

Many pictures have been resized for quick loading; e-mail me if you want to see particular originals. If all the thumbnails don’t load, just hit the Refresh button or click the blue rectangle to see the full-size picture.

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The Ride There and Back (NY, NJ & PA)     |     At Hillside: Wrestling and other photos from Hillside Campground

Riding to Hillside 2008

Ride to Hillside via the Bayonne Bridge, Port Jervis and the scenic Lackawaxen River Valley. Go over the Moosic Mountain pass near Waymart (1940 feet), seeing clouds below me for the first time since I was in the Alps some years ago. Rain becomes steady during the last 25 miles or so. Take the shortcut via Old Newburgh Turnpike (elevation about 2000 feet) and Kennedy Hill (1600 feet, separated from the former by a valley at 1000 feet). From the descent into the valley, over Kennedy Hill and up to the outskirts of Gibson, it's an unpaved excursion into the wilderness.

R7222752.JPG R7222753.JPG R7222754.JPG R7222755.JPG R7222756.JPG R7222757.JPG
R7222758.JPG R7222759.JPG R7222760.JPG R7222761.JPG R7222762.JPG R7222763.JPG
R7232764.JPG R7232765.JPG R7232766.JPG R7232767.JPG R7232768.JPG R7232769.JPG
  R7232770.JPG R7232771.JPG R7252810.JPG R7252811.JPG

At Hillside

(Elevation 1350 ft.)

Wrestling and campsite photos

Get to camp around on Wednesday and wrestle through Sunday. The weather was generally warm and pleasant, though there was some rain. Wednesday afternoon into Thursday morning was the soggiest but then it cleared up. The mats were all protected with tents. I set up my tent on Wednesday under the submission tent until the downpour subsided, then put it out on the grass.

Our dedicated cooks prepared three delicious meals a day. It felt like I was burning about twice the calories I'd normally burn (perhaps 5000-6000 per day) so I had to make myself eat seconds or thirds so I wouldn't be really hungry before the next meal.

R7242772.JPG R7242773.JPG R7242774.JPG R7242775.JPG R7242776.JPG R7242777.JPG
R7242778.JPG R7242779.JPG R7242780.JPG R7242781.JPG R7242782.JPG R7242783.JPG
R7242784.JPG R7242785.JPG R7242786.JPG R7242787.JPG R7242788.JPG R7242789.JPG
  R7242790.JPG R7242791.JPG R7242792.JPG

Rick from California vs. Ben from Wisconsin

R7242793.JPG R7242794.JPG R7242795.JPG R7242796.JPG R7242797.JPG R7242798.JPG
R7242799.JPG R7242800.JPG R7242801.JPG R7242802.JPG R7242803.JPG R7242804.JPG
  R7242805.JPG R7242806.JPG R7242807.JPG

Two videos of the same match (Quicktime .MOV format)

R7242808.MOV R7242809.MOV

The freestyle clinic and tournament was held on Saturday at the main mat area.

R7262812.JPG R7262813.JPG R7262814.JPG R7262815.JPG R7262816.JPG R7262817.JPG
R7262818.JPG R7262819.JPG R7262820.JPG R7262821.JPG R7262822.JPG R7262823.JPG
R7262824.JPG R7262825.JPG R7262826.JPG R7262827.JPG R7262920.JPG R7262921.JPG

Break for lunch, then down to the Village Circle party, the pool and a visit to site 52.

R7262828.JPG R7262829.JPG R7262830.JPG R7262831.JPG R7262832.JPG R7262833.JPG
   R7262834.JPG R7262835.JPG

The pro show was again held at site 69, just below site 60, a little earlier than last year to avoid the rain that was forecast.

R7262836.JPG R7262837.JPG R7262838.JPG R7262839.JPG R7262840.JPG R7262841.JPG
R7262842.JPG R7262843.JPG R7262844.JPG R7262845.JPG R7262846.JPG R7262847.JPG
R7262848.JPG R7262849.JPG R7262850.JPG R7262851.JPG R7262852.JPG R7262853.JPG R7262854.JPG
R7262855.JPG R7262856.JPG R7262857.JPG R7262858.JPG R7262859.JPG R7262860.JPG
R7262861.JPG R7262862.JPG R7262863.JPG R7262864.JPG R7262865.JPG R7262866.JPG R7262867.JPG
R7262868.JPG R7262869.JPG R7262870.JPG R7262871.JPG R7262872.JPG R7262873.JPG
R7262874.JPG R7262875.JPG R7262876.JPG R7262877.JPG R7262878.JPG R7262879.JPG
R7262880.JPG R7262881.JPG R7262882.JPG R7262883.JPG R7262884.JPG R7262885.JPG R7262886.JPG
R7262887.JPG R7262888.JPG R7262889.JPG R7262890.JPG R7262891.JPG R7262892.JPG
R7262893.JPG R7262894.JPG R7262895.JPG R7262896.JPG R7262897.JPG R7262898.JPG
R7262899.JPG R7262900.JPG R7262901.JPG R7262902.JPG R7262903.JPG R7262904.JPG
R7262905.JPG R7262906.JPG R7262907.JPG R7262908.JPG R7262909.JPG R7262910.JPG
R7262911.JPG R7262912.JPG R7262913.JPG R7262914.JPG R7262915.JPG R7262916.JPG
 R7262917.JPG R7262918.JPG R7262919.JPG

Around camp, after the tournament and pro show.

Packing up (most) tents and mats on Sunday morning, and various shots from around camp on Sunday and Monday. A little bruised but pleasantly sore after a weekend packed with wrestling.

R7272922.JPG R7272923.JPG R7272924.JPG R7272925.JPG R7272926.JPG R7272927.JPG
R7272928.JPG R7272929.JPG R7272930.JPG R7272931.JPG R7272932.JPG R7272933.JPG
R7272934.JPG R7272935.JPG R7272936.JPG R7272937.JPG R7272938.JPG R7272939.JPG R7272940.JPG
R7272941.JPG R7272944.JPG R7272946.JPG R7272947.JPG R7272948.JPG R7272949.JPG
R7272950.JPG R7272951.JPG R7272952.JPG R7272953.JPG R7272954.JPG R7282955.JPG
R7282956.JPG R7282957.JPG R7282958.JPG R7282959.JPG R7282960.JPG R7282961.JPG R7282962.JPG
R7282963.JPG R7282966.JPG R7282968.JPG R7282969.JPG R7282970.JPG R7282971.JPG
R7282972.JPG R7282973.JPG R7282974.JPG R7282975.JPG R7282976.JPG R7282977.JPG
R7282978.JPG R7282979.JPG R7282984.JPG R7293014.JPG R7293015.JPG

Ride back via similar route, then check out High Point State Park, the highest point in New Jersey (the summit is at 1803 feet, which is well below the high points of Pennsylvania). Take some infrared photos from the mountainside using filter with 850 nm cutoff. More High Point photos on the Hillside 2004 page. Mountain-style hairpin turn approaching the Hudson River on NJ Rte. 5, then a mostly flat ride through Hoboken, Jersey City and Bayonne and back to Staten Island.

R7282980.JPG R7282981.JPG R7282982.JPG R7282983.JPG R7292985.JPG R7292986.JPG
R7292987.JPG R7292988.JPG R7292989.JPG R7292990.JPG R7292991.JPG R7292992.JPG
R7292993.JPG R7292994.JPG R7292995.JPG R7292996.JPG R7292997.JPG R7292998.JPG
R7292999.JPG R7293000.JPG R7293001.JPG R7293002.JPG R7293004.JPG R7293005.JPG
R7293006.JPG R7293007.JPG R7293008.JPG R7293009.JPG R7293010.JPG R7293011.JPG
R7293012.JPG R7293013.JPG R7303019.JPG R7303020.JPG R7303021.JPG R7303022.JPG
R7303023.JPG R7303024.JPG R7303025.JPG R7303026.JPG R7303027.JPG R7303028.JPG
R7303029.JPG R7303030.JPG R7303031.JPG R7303032.JPG R7303033.JPG

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