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Hillside Wrestling Weekend XVII, July 2010

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Hillside Wrestling Weekend XVII was held July 21-25, 2010, though there were already 11 wrestlers there when I arrived on the 20th.

It was the 17th annual wrestling weekend and my 15th consecutive one (I only missed the first two ones in 1994 & 1995; there were a few other wrestlers there who had only missed two of the weekends since its inception). There was a mix of new guys experiencing Hillside for the first time, and Hillside veterans coming back for more mat action. The new guys did really well on the mats, and we look forward to seeing them in the future at the wrestling weekends.

The weather was drier than last year. A thundershower on Wednesday prompted us to put up the canopy over the eating area, and a drainage ditch was dug to keep the area dry. There were a few days with evening showers, but otherwise the weather was good.

Many pictures have been resized for quick loading; e-mail me if you want to see particular originals. If all the thumbnails don’t load, just hit the Refresh button or click the blue rectangle to see the full-size picture.

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The Ride There and Back (NY, NJ & PA)     |     At Hillside: Wrestling and other photos from Hillside Campground

Riding to Hillside 2010

Ride to Hillside via the direct route: Bayonne Bridge, Newark, Dover, Sparta, Lord’s Valley, Hawley, Honesdale, Carbondale, Gibson. Shaved off a few hours from last year's riding time in both directions, and made a point to do some of the major passes one gear higher than last year. For the last two years, the last pass before Hillside (Kennedy Hill, 1600 ft. elevation) was a spectacular display of flying thunderbolts and loud lightning. This year, there was a tiny shower at the base and then nice sunny weather on to Hillside; the pass looked a lot different. Also a number of roads were freshly paved; part of Rte. 6 being repaved as I was passing, embedding a bit of asphalt dust in my socks.

Riding back, barely 30 miles into the ride, I see two cyclists in my rear view mirror as I’m approaching the top of Moosic Pass (elevation 1940 ft.). At the top, we chat; it turns out that they are two Austrians riding around the world; their current leg was taking them from Ontario north of Lake Superior, past Binghamton and then to New York. So we followed the same route, though I mostly stayed ahead of them. This probably shaved more time off the return trip. Didn’t see them for the last 60 miles so was about to text them as I was approaching Newark, when my phone battery dies. The plan was for them to stay over at my place, so I just headed home and called from there. They called from Jersey City and Staten Island for directions, then decided to go into Manhattan instead, but we ended up meeting again on the weekend on Staten Island.

Getting ready for the ride

T7180477.JPG T7180478.JPG T7180479.JPG T7180482.JPG T7180483.JPG
First ripe hot pepper of season,
about to be eaten with a bacon and cheese sandwich.

Replacing supposedly non-user-serviceable batteries on heart-rate monitor (HRM)

T7180477.JPG T7180478.JPG T7180479.JPG T7180482.JPG T7180483.JPG T7180486.JPG T7190490.JPG T7190491.JPG

Testing heart-rate monitor: 43, 42, 41 bpm while sitting

T7190497.JPG T7190498.JPG T7190499.JPG

The Ride to Hillside; scenes on PA739 in Pike County

T7200500.JPG T7200501.GIF T7200503.JPG T7200504.JPG

At Hillside

(Elevation 1350 ft.)

Wrestling and campsite photos

Arrive at Hillside site 60 6:28 (2pi) PM; ride time 15:24, total Calories = 5095 (approx. 331 Cal/hr according to HRM, which seems a bit low). Scenes around camp.

T7200507.JPG T7220508.JPG T7220509.JPG T7220510.JPG T7220511.JPG
T7220512.JPG T7220513.JPG T7220514.JPG T7220515.JPG T7220516.JPG
T7220517.JPG T7220518.JPG T7220519.JPG T7220520.JPG T7220521.JPG
T7220522.JPG T7220523.JPG T7220524.JPG T7220525.JPG T7220526.JPG
T7220527.JPG T7220528.JPG T7220529.JPG

The pro ring was brought up from the front gate area and assembled just before a thundershower announced its booming presence.

T7220530.JPG T7220531.JPG T7220532.JPG T7220533.JPG

More pictures, around camp and at the submission wrestling mat, Thursday.

T7220534.JPG T7220535.JPG T7220536.JPG T7220537.JPG T7220538.JPG
T7220539.JPG T7220540.JPG T7220541.JPG T7220542.JPG T7220543.JPG
T7220544.JPG T7220545.JPG T7220546.JPG T7220547.JPG T7220548.JPG
T7220549.JPG T7220550.JPG T7220551.JPG T7220552.JPG T7220553.JPG
T7220554.JPG T7220555.JPG T7220556.JPG T7220557.JPG T7220558.JPG
T7220559.JPG T7220560.JPG T7220561.JPG T7220562.JPG T7220563.JPG
T7220564.JPG T7220565.JPG T7220566.JPG T7220567.JPG T7220568.JPG
T7220569.JPG T7220570.JPG T7220571.JPG T7220572.JPG T7220573.JPG
T7220574.JPG T7220575.JPG T7220576.JPG T7220577.JPG T7220578.JPG
T7220579.JPG T7220580.JPG T7220581.JPG

More Thursday and Friday pictures; taking a break from the mats.

Wrestlers are welcomed with the Welcome Cake.
Meal area under the canopy.

Foliage on upper site 60.

My developing black eye on Friday morning*
Hanging out on upper site 60.

(*got it sometime between 7 pm Thu. and 3 am Fri.; didn't feel it or realize I had a “Hillside souvenir” till someone pointed it out.)

The pro guys did a clinic on Saturday.

T7240587.JPG T7240588.JPG T7240589.JPG T7240590.JPG T7240591.JPG
T7240592.JPG T7240593.JPG T7240594.JPG T7240595.JPG T7240596.JPG
T7240597.JPG T7240598.JPG T7240599.JPG T7240600.JPG T7240601.JPG
T7240602.JPG T7240603.JPG T7240604.JPG T7240605.JPG T7240606.JPG
T7240607.JPG T7240608.JPG T7240609.JPG T7240610.JPG T7240611.JPG
T7240612.JPG T7240613.JPG T7240614.JPG T7240615.JPG T7240616.JPG
T7240617.JPG T7240618.JPG T7240619.JPG T7240620.JPG T7240621.JPG
T7240622.JPG T7240623.JPG T7240624.JPG T7240625.JPG T7240626.JPG
T7240627.JPG T7240628.JPG

More Saturday photos.

Metro’s Ed and Mike.
Mealtime scene.

My black eye on Sat. afternoon.
Rochester Tom.

Fell asleep on the freestyle mat....
Wrestling Weekend flags.
pi         pi         pi

Getting ready to leave camp.

The drainage ditch (dug by Frank, Bud, me and others on Wednesday) for the kitchen area kept us dry while eating, rain or shine.
Ready to load up bike for the trip back.
Kitchen area with another view of drainage ditch.
Upper Site 60 is now empty (1 of 2).
Upper Site 60 (2 of 2)

My tent wuz here...

...and now it’s there.

The oil tent was here.

Campfire area just behind oil tent.

One more photo of empty upper site 60 before leaving for home.

Hillside 2010: The Ride Back

Long hill just outside of Hawley/Lake Wallenpaupack, PA
Chatting with Dietmar, one of the Austrians I met 20 miles from here.

Back home, lots of crops ripened in the garden while I was gone, so got out the camera as soon as I arrived. The NY weather had been bone-dry but my roommate watered the garden well.

Huge canteloupe



Red hot chili peppers
Beefsteak-type tomato
Sunflower starts opening

In the living room, showed roommate the Hillside photos, which resulted in a wrestling match; the couch showing the aftermath.

T7280669.JPG T7290673.JPG

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