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Post by Nanook » Tue Feb 16, 2016 6:16 pm

We now support HTTP2 protocol on our web server for both our website and any customer who has an SSL certificate. HTTP2 is supported by browsers with encryption only.

There is no charge for this additional functionality from us but in order to have it work for your domain you must purchase or otherwise obtain an SSL certificate. We will install it at no charge.

This will make your pages load faster, especially if they are complex and load a lot of files, WordPress sites, galleries, other sites that load many files benefit most.

Google, when it ranks pages, given all other things are equal, SSL and fast load times will both push your page higher in the rankings. If your site is a business site, this means more page views, more sales, and your customer knows they're getting data from your site and not a man in the middle.

If you've ever used a free wi-fi at a hotel and had all sorts of extra advertisements added to what you're viewing, this is an example of something this technology will prevent. Since only encrypted connections can be made, there is no way for extra advertisements to be injected, or malware, and there is no way for third parties to spy on your traffic.

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