Inherent Danger

     This is my oldest son Carl, our dog Mei, and my wife Tina’s elbow.  He ran Eskimo in my absence and occasionally helps out with heavy lifting or assembly of stuff.  He also writes for Shoreline Area News, primarily Weather. He has a weather station here at the house. One can see the inherent danger in what he is doing here.  You need to know she is about a 60 pound dog and the law of gravity hasn’t been suspended.  What goes up must come down.IMG_5418

Virtual.Eskimo.Com Emergency Reboot 8/1 13:05

     I am rebooting because it has a networking problem that isn’t fixed by restarting networking.  It will allow an initial connection then close it out before authentication can complete.

     This will mainly effect Fedora, Scientific7, Scientific, and some of the Debian based shell servers.  If you are connected to these, just wait and it should resume where you left off as the machine is configured to hibernate the virtual servers before booting and restore them after.

Maintenance 7/31 10:00pm – 8/1 0200am

     I will be taking down all of the CentOS 6 and SL 6 based servers to make an image and reboot to incorporate a kernel and about 500 other updates this evening.  This will affect everything for about 20 minutes when the physical hosts are rebooted and it will also effect scientific, shellx, mail, ftp, mx1, and mx2, which at present are all CentOS 6 based.

Scheduled Maintenance

Out of Office – Extended Hours Later

      I will be out of the office from about 3:30pm until around 6-6:30pm Pacific Time.  I need to make a grocery and bank run now as I will be doing maintenance work late into the night tonight, which means I will be here until well after midnight.

     If you need help with something please leave a message, e-mail support, or generate a trouble ticket and I will return your call or attend to your issue upon my return.