While we were not able to add a Diaspora at this time, We DID Add a Mastodon Instance

     You can view our latest social media instance either by using Web Apps on our main web site https://www.eskimo.com/ and selecting Mastodon, or you can go there directly https://mastodon.eskimo.com/.

     Mastodon is a Twitter/X link interface but unlike Twitter, Mastodon is part of the Fediverse, like Friendica and Hubzilla, which consists of tens of thousands of sites with no one owner of the entire network.  Each site is responsible for moderating it’s own servers If it chooses to moderate at all.


Someone asked for us to setup a Diaspora node here, unfortunately because of openssh and ruby versions, we can not do this at present.  In theory this will be possible after the next Diaspora release which will be ported to ruby3 and openssh 3.x.

Ubuntu 22.04 ships with OpenSSL version 3, with no option of using OpenSSL 1 instead. The currently available diaspora* releases depend on Ruby 2.7, and are not yet compatible with Ruby 3. Unfortunately, Ruby 2.7 has no official support for OpenSSL 3, so setting up diaspora* on Ubuntu Jammy requires a lot of extra workarounds that the project team currently cannot offer help or support for.

We expect the next major release to support Ruby 3, and thus by extension Ubuntu Jammy. For now, please set up your pod on Ubuntu 20.04, and upgrade the distribution when diaspora* is ready.

Interruption Tommorrow

Sometime tomorrow there will be a brief interruption of Eskimo North’s services including https://friendica.eskimo.com/, https://hubzilla.eskimo.com/, https://nextcloud.eskimo.com/, shell servers, e-mail, and web hosting, lasting from one to ten minutes while our Internet backbone connection is moved from a 100mb/s port to a 1Gb/s port.
I do not know what time this will occur and I do not know at what time an Isomedia tech will arrive at the facility to switch it over.

Router Speed+

     Also forgot to mention we’ll also be supporting Jumbo Frames (4500 byte frames) if you have a 1Gbps or better connection and your provider supports them.  This will help with performance for things like transfer of large files or streaming.

Mail / DNS Issues

We are having DNS issues all over the place, and even my home machine using non-eskimo serves is getting DNS errors, and no updates queued for Ubuntu seem to be relevant. It is these DNS issues that are causing problems with e-mail.  I am working on resolving, I have one incoming mail server working by using external servers that do seem to be “kind of”, as in they get an error with nslookup but still return the data.  So a big mystery, if anyone knows anything that might have happened with DNS system wide, please let me know.

Unplanned Disruption

I apologize for the disruption today.  Our gateway router crapped out entirely as in not crashed but dead as a door nail.  I had already purchased a new unit with a lot more CPU and memory to replace it but owing to my unfamiliarity it took some time to get it configured and operational.  But this unit is hands down way more powerful than the old so we shouldn’t see the lag during heavy traffic or be nearly as easily packet flooded as with the old unit.

Reboot Iglulik Short (hopefully) Interruption 10PM tonight

     I had a problem with Iglulik firewall because quotad would not honor my configuration and listen to the configured port so that forced me to leave all ports open to other machines here.  Not a desirable situation for security.

     I filed a bug report and amazingly enough the Ubuntu folks (Canonical) got back to me with a fix.  Seems the arguments need quotes around them.  Because this file lacked official documentation, I did not know this.

     So need to reboot to make this change effective.  Most of the time this is non-eventful, but owing to the complexity of this particular machine systemd screws up sometimes and then a drive to the co-lo is required.  So outage is expected to be from 10pm-10:02pm but may last until about 10:40pm.  This outage will take the form of all things depending upon /home temporarily freezing.

Unintended Interrupts

     Ubuntu spontaneously booted around 13:30 today.  The logs indicated an intentional reboot but I didn’t request one, so don’t know if a signal went to the wrong process (systemd) or exactly what happened.

     Then around 6pm the load on inuvik which hosts one of our web servers and debian and manjaro, went through the roof.  Upon examination, apache was not reaping processes, upon killing apache to force systemd to reap them, systemd also failed to do so.

     At that point I rebooted the machine because something appears to have corrupted the process table and allowing it to continue long would have probably resulted in a total system lockup.