nanook640     Robert Dinse (rhymes with rinse), otherwise known as Nanook, founder of Eskimo North. also founded NewNet IRC.

     Born on November 4th, 1958 at Swedish hospital in Seattle, WA adopted 3 days after birth, they tell me.  Maybe aliens dropped me off on this desolate rock. Married with four grown children and a dog.

     Interests are computers, linux, Internet, photography, web design, programming, music, radio, electronics, exobiology, physics, spirituality, science and technology, bio-hacking, past, future.  I like the night photography.  I like most music except for rap (anti-music), hip-hop, and elevator music.

Recent Posts

Networking Adventures

     I’ve avoided Windows networking until now.

     I have a Linux workstation in my office upon which I also have all my music.  The speakers and sound system I have here are crappy.

     I’ve got a Windows-XP machine primarily used for games, but also connected to a decent sound system in another room.

     Until now I’ve been maintaining two copies of my music and transporting from one machine to the other with sneaker net, copying everything to a flash drive, then copying it on to the hard drive of the other machine.

     Today I managed to get Samba working on my workstation, shared my Music folder (read only, I don’t trust Windows not to do something bad with it), and then mounted that share on Z: drive on the Windows-XP machine.

     I would have liked this to happen automatically whenever it was rebooted, but I can neither get the Linux smbd daemon to honor guest OK, or to get the XP machine to remember the credentials.  Anybody know a fix for either of these it would be appreciated.

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