Customer Support

     You can contact us by telephone: (206) 812-0051 or (800) 246-6874

     Or by fax: (206) 812-0054

     By e-mail: support@eskimo.com

     Or you can generate a ticket and track the status of your request.

     Please note that many of the entries in the main menu have pull down menus with additional items beneath them.

     If you do not find what you need here please feel free to use any of the above methods to contact us for assistance.

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Hello world!


I am totally re-working the support section of our website, and eventually the entire website except for the home page and various applications, using WordPress because it is easy to make a responsive design and I can document things a lot faster than if I have to hand code everything.

This will ultimately lead to a more complete website that is more current and better able to keep up with the rapid pace of technology advancement.

Ultimately, this will be replaced with a static page here.