Maintenance 7/3/15 22:00-22:30

     I will be taking the ftp and web server down for about a 15 minute interval around ten in the evening, on Friday the 3rd of July, in order to image the machine and save all the recent changes we’ve made to our website.   And more cool stuff is on the way!


      I’m almost done with the internal pages of our website and shortly will be replacing the home page.  Because it’s a pain to move an existing WordPress site, I’m going to install WordPress in place and then build the page, so there will be a short period where it’s ugly and non-functional.

     During this time you will be able to reach the old site at:

     And the old mail system will be reachable at:


     We’ve lost a second customer to death in three weeks time.  In the past it always seemed to be a winter thing for some reason but this year it’s summer.  Both were nice people who had been with us a very long time.  Lives go by just too quickly.

What I am Up To with our Web Site

     Just a heads up for those who might be wondering what is happening.  What I am in the process of doing is converting our website to a WordPress based site with the main objective in doing so to make all of the site responsive and work on mobile phones, tablets, phablets, as well as laptops and desktops.

     I can hand code responsive designs and in fact did so for the main home page, but the time it takes to do so is excessive.

     Which brings me to a secondary objective, and that is to make it much easier to add and update content.  Having to maintain everything by hand takes a lot of time and that discourages me from adding some good content that I otherwise would, tips and tricks and how to do things, WordPress makes that much easier.

Web Mail Restored

    Last night, while working on our website, I accidentally altered the wrong link and broke webmail.  Web mail has been restored.  I am working on the support section of the website now and the mail pages in particular, and had intended to move the old support pages but instead moved the webmail pages /mail as opposed to /support/mail.

May be out this afternoon / early evening

     Depending upon how much work I get done early on and how hot it gets this afternoon, I may take some time off this afternoon and early evening and go to the beach or something where it’s less hot and more breezy (hopefully)…  So if you miss me this afternoon, please leave a message and I will return your call upon my return.

VNC on Ubuntu

    I’ve kind of got VNC working on Ubuntu but not well, it starts up in like 1028×768 screen size, 8-bits, and if I try to change the setting for the monitor, which works fine under CentOS 6, it says Xrandr extension not found.

     I can’t find the configuration file for tightvnc server, no idea where that is, the documentation is pretty much worthless to non-existent.  I have no idea how the vnc server actually gets started on this machine as there is no start-up script in /etc/init.d, nor is there any line in /etc/initd.conf.

     Anybody familiar with this beast that could give me some pointers, it would be much appreciated.

VNC on Shellx Fixed!

     I found the problem with VNC on Shellx and it is now repaired.  The problem is that an update overwrote /etc/gdm/custom.conf with a new version lacking some of the necessary entries.

     So now on shellx, 4 different Remote Desktop protocols are available, NX (3.5 version), X2Go, RDP, and VNC.