CentOS6 Finished

     CentOS6 is up and operational on i7-6700k hardware.  It is no longer vulnerable to spectre or meltdown exploits and it was the last machine that was vulnerable so all of our systems are now protected from these exploits.

     I will be taking CentOS6 down for about 45 minutes tonight, around 1:30AM, to image the machine on the new hardware.

CentOS6 Move

     The move of Centos6 is going to take longer than I originally anticipated due both to the size of the machine and the fact that I did not have enough space on the host I had originally intended to move it to so needed to start over moving it to a different machine.

     Based upon the rate the copy is going and the amount of data remaining to me moved I estimate another 25 minutes or so.  Centos6 should be available again by 16:30 Pacific time.

CentOS6 Meltdown/Spectre

     All machines here have spectre and meltdown exploits mitigated except for CentOS6.  Redhat has kicked out a new kernel that addresses the exploit on i7-6700k hardware but does not address it on i7-6850k hardware which is officially not supported by Redhat 6.

     Consequently I am in the process of moving this host to an i7-6700k based server.  This will take about 1/2 hour during which CentOS6 will be inaccessible.  Please use a different shell server during this time.  All x2go supported windowing environments are supported on MxLinux and Ubuntu.

Client POP/Imap Server Down

     Our client mail and smtp server is presently down owing to a failed kernel upgrade that mangled the boot block.  I am restoring the server from a backup.  It should be operational again in about ten minutes.

     Incoming mail will still arrive as incoming mail is processed by different servers and you can access it via any shell mail such as pine, mailx, etc but you will not be able to send until this is restored.

Website BooBoo

     I was cleaning up some files from a failed Diaspora install and did an rm -rf only to realize I was not where I thought I was (AARRRGGGHHH!) and was deleting our website.  By the time I realized this it was half gone.  I’ve restored it from backup but some things are not working, forums for example, so I am still trouble shooting that.  If you notice anything broken on the website besides forums and nextcloud, please e-mail nanook@eskimo.com (that be me).  Thank you!


     I’ve installed Mixxx on all the Debian based machines, debian, mint, mxlinux, ubuntu, and zorin.

     Mixxx is a software broadcast console with effects.  It could be useful for production work as well and work under x2go.