About Our Hosting

Our Hosting

Free Speech
We do not de-platform for political wrong think. You are allowed to say what you want as long as it is legal in the United States.
We have a highly customized platform including a database based on a special kind of flash memory that supports atomic writes. Our platform will usually load a WordPress website in between 200-300ms, compare that to other hosting sites and I think you’ll find the best of our competitors is still 2-3x slower.  Please test our site against any of our competitors using Pingdom or other speed testing tools.
We run a customized Apache server that runs all PHP and CGI code under the user ID of the user to whom the code belongs. This prevents a security flaw in one customers code from exposing another customers site. We support all the most modern encryption algorithms as well. Please feel free to run SSL LABS or any other security check against our site.
We provide many development tools online. We provide ssh access for all clients. If you develop offline you can use ftp to upload or you can use scp or other ssh tools. We also provide full visual access to remote desktop on our server via the web, or via x2go, or via VNC.
We have been on the Internet since it’s inception. Prior to that from 1985 to 1992 we provided Unix timeshare access. And prior to that a BBS system. See our history for details. In all of these years we have never changed ownership.