Linux Shell Accounts

What Is A Shell?
A shell is a command line interpreter for an operating system. It is the Linux equivalent of the DOS command prompt in Windows. In Linux, instead of just one command line interpreter there are many to choose from, each with different syntax and capabilities.

A shell account here is kind of a bring your own access account. It provides you with all of the host services, e-mail, web hosting, ftp hosting, and file space, that you would have if you also had access through us.

It is a way to have a home on the Internet that remains the same regardless of which carrier or method you use to access the Internet. We do our best to make Eskimo North a good Internet home.
Graphical Applications
The most secure and capable way to experience a graphical user interface with Eskimo North is to use a free thin client called NX. Setup instructions can be found here.

If you have a hi-speed Internet connection such as DSL, Cable, Satelite, WiMax, or 4G cell; you can also run X applicaitons here and have them display on your computer by using ssh -X to forward X-windows applications to your display. You can access your choice of KDE or Gnome desktops via (secure) vnc or spice protocol (less secure).
What Is A Shell Account?
A shell account provides you with command line and graphical access to our Linux shell servers. You will be assigned your own home directory that provides storage space for files and configuration information and an e-mail box. We provide tools and information resources to assist you in developing web sites and software applications.

Eskimo North shell accounts include a full Gnome Desktop graphical user interface as well as command line shell access. Our service includes hundreds of graphical applications, The Libre Office suite (Open Office is also available from the command line), Educational Tools, Integrated Software development tools such as Eclipse, web development tools, Electronics Tools, Astronomy Programs, various Educational Programs, Graphics Programs, Games, scripting lanaguages, compiled languages, editing facilities, and many specialized tools. Also available are mysql and postgres databases. Web hosting under our domain is included with our shell accounts. Additional hosting services are available to host your domain.
Unix was created in 1970. It has evolved into the most powerful and heavily used operating systems in existence. Linux was created in 1991 by Linus Torvalds. Linus made his operating system open sourced and encouraged the participation of anyone on the Internet. The result has been the creation of the worlds most efficient, flexible, scalable operating system that has ever existed. Apply for a free trial today!
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