Reboots All Servers

     All servers (except the old server) will be rebooted tonight shortly after midnight.  This is necessary because security updates were installed that require a reboot to be effective.  This should be completed within about half an hour.

Mint 20 Failed

     An in place upgrade to Mint 20 failed, their script for setting up python had inappropriate syntax for the version of python being installed.

     A clean install of Mate 20 also failed.  Mate Desktop did not work, could not fully install because of package dependency issues, on a fresh system.

     Mint has been return to 19.3 which at least functions.


Mint Upgrade 19.3 to 20.0

     An upgrade of the Mint shell server from 19.3 to 20.0 is in progress.

     Because this is an upgrade involving an upgrade of the underlying Ubuntu system from 18.04 to 20.04, and thus has a greater chance than normal of going south, I am performing a backup of Mint first.

     This whole process will result in the server being slower than normal while it is ongoing and there will be times when various sub-systems are temporarily dysfunctional.

     If all possible it would be better to use one of the alternate debian based systems, Ubuntu, Debian, MxLinux, Julinux, or Zorin during this period.

     I will make an additional announcement when the upgrade has completed.


Reboots and Imaging – Maintenance Outage Tonight

     Tonight shortly after midnight I will be rebooting the physical hosts which will reboot everything because recent security updates require a reboot to activate them.  This should take about fifteen minutes.

     Then I will be taking the web server down for about an hour for imaging and then to extend the file system to accommodate a larger database required by a new customer.


Stability – Interim

     I have the physical hosts up on 5.4.0 now, this is the kernel that shipped with Ubuntu 20.04.  It is not entirely stable on machines which serve as NFS servers which two of these machines do.

     I have built 5.3.0 kernels which were previously stable but can not boot into them because automatic backups are running.  Also I don’t know if MY 5.3 kernel will be stable as Canonical applies some patches that will not be present but the 5.3 kernel is no longer available as 19.10 is past END OF LIFE now.  I will attempt to do so tomorrow evening.