Mail List / Procmail / DMarc

     I made an error in opendmarc configuration in which I neglected to add localhost,, to the list of servers to ignore.  This broke mail lists and procmail recipes that remailed incoming mail back out.  It also could potentially break .vacation forwarding.

     This has been corrected.

Ubuntu Reboot and Backup

     I will be taking Ubuntu down later this evening for about 45 minutes to change the Ethernet emulation in the virtual machine because the Intel it is currently set to has driver bugs.  These don’t materially affect service but generate a lot of annoying messages in the logs.  I am also going to image the machine at the same time which is why 45 minutes instead of 5 minutes.  All other shell servers except OpenSuse, which is broken, will be available during this time, around 2AM.

     This is cancelled, the drivers for both the Intel E1000 and the Virtio Ethernet are equally broken in the same manner so no good to change them.


    Pop-before-SMTP is no longer supported.  It is not compatible with DMARC protocol.  To originate e-mail from a computer outside of our shell servers you must configure your e-mail client for plain password authentication.

Incoming Mail

     I’ve broken something in our incoming mail servers in the process of implementing DKIM and DMARC.  It is causing mail to be stuck in queue and not delivered to your INBOX.

     I am working on resolving this.  Mail is not being lost it is just stuck in queue and should deliver once I figure out what is wrong.

     This has been corrected and all e-mail that was in queue has been delivered.

2446.doc Virus

     If you get an e-mail with an attachment claiming to be a contract from a company you’ve never heard of, and the attachment is a “.doc” file, don’t open, “2446.doc” is a Word macro Virus.  It won’t hurt Linux because Librewriter is smart enough to recognize it as such but it will break Windows.  Unfortunately clamav does not recognize it yet though I have submitted it to them today.

Mail Update

     The domains,, and other microsoft domains,, and are now all allowing e-mail from us.

     The only site that I am aware that is still blocking us is

Reboots Completed

     I have completed rebooting everything that needed to be rebooted.

     I am still checking that NFS partitions mounted properly and NIS bound properly, but otherwise everything is good, most services should be functioning, mail and web both already checked, only shell servers left to check.