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I run into Robert Hughes and his dog Lindy almost every day when I ride. We stop to chat a couple of times a week.

He takes his Lindy down the trail each morning for about a mile of exercise, in all kinds of weather. I admire his determination. His walker doubles as a chair, so he can rest whenever he needs to.

During one of our conversations, Robert told me his grandson often rides twelve miles to and from work on a recumbent, and that he built a "shelter" on it so he could ride in any weather. He has been commuting like this for more than a decade.

Robert also surprised me by saying his daughter Dixie, now a retired Enumclaw teacher, moved into the classroom my mother taught in until she retired.

Another friend of my explained to me that there are actually only about 15 people in the world.

Robert also has a trike. He sometimes rides his trike to the trail, parks it, and then walks. The battery powers three-wheeler takes him all over town, in all kinds of weather.

Horses are permitted on the Foothills Trail because the equestrians were important partners in securing funding, property acquisition, and broad-based community support for the trail. The backcountry horsemen volunteer for trail maintenance, and restored several sections that were damaged by flooding.

A wide, unpaved shoulder on each side of the trail keeps the horses separated from other trail users, and makes a more comfortable surface for the horses' feet.

Kids who have just learned to ride often bike the trail with their parents.

Before they can pedal themselves, some enjoy the ride as passengers.