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The Trail to Nowhere

Fog envelopes the Enumclaw Foothills Trail entrance. It is like pedaling into an unknown world, or off the edge of the Earth.

Sunshine reveals what's there.

The north section of the Enumclaw Trail is in the open; while the south is in the forest.

The trail is open in all seasons and weather. Snow packed by foot traffic makes for a slow, bumpy ride, but offers beautiful views of the foothills.

Crisp morning air gives way to early sunsets (below), about 4:00 p.m. on the shortest days of the year.

It is slightly easier if I go back in the same tracks I made coming.

The best parking is a lot near the midpoint of the trail by the Warner Street-Highway 420 intersection. A drinking fountain for adults, children, and dogs is located here. The restrooms in this area are open in spring and summer only.

The north end of the trail now ends at a commercial area on highway 410. You pass a trailside coffee stand and can cross to a Starbuck's. Also in the complex are a grocery store, drug store, bank, and fast food.

If you continue in the wide bike lane on 410, you will pass more fast food and come to a bike shop in about a mile. Continue another 50 miles and you will be in Mt Rainier National Park.

The Enumclaw Foothills Trail will eventually extend north to the Green River and on to the Cedar River Trail.



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