Foothills Trail: Cascade Junction Bridge


Pictures from the top of the actual bridge

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The bridge leading to the Cascade Junction is the largest of the bridges on the Foothills Trail. It was specifically designed for the trail, rather than modified from an old railroad trestle. It has three large arched spans: one over the road, one to the right over the river, and one visible in the picture below that supports the long span up the left bank.

Completed in 2008, the bridge is isolated at the moment while the Foothills Trail Coalition seeks funding to connect it with the trails in Buckley and South Prairie. It is possible that these portions of the trail will be completed in 2009 or 2010.

Each portion of the span is held up by an intricate network of curved laminated means, vertical posts, and an assortment of cross braces. The woodwork is anchored in concrete at each end of the bridge, and in two foundations on either side of the center span.

The arches are so large that they are constructed of two glue-lam beams, joined at the top by steel plates.

Jordan looks across the mulched construction side at the river under the third arch. Trikes remain in the truck until the bridge is linked to the rest of the Foothills Trail.

The old foundation for the trestle pillers now sits below the new bridge.