Foothills Trail: Orting East

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Downtown Orting is a central point of the trail, a good starting point for someone who doesn't want to travel the entire distance in one ride. A two-block long city park is a good meeting place. Beside the town green is ample parking, with easy trail access.

Orting has plenty of places to eat, as well as other services. Across the street from the central point of the trail is a good cycle shop. One welcome special:


As you leave town to the east, as soon as you pass the police station, you will see a historic masonry sawdust burner, with a mural showing the mill that used it a century ago.

Just past the sawdust burner, you will find a cement skate park, followed by this series of bumps and jumps. These are better for a mountain bike or BMX than a low riding recumbent.

The river recently flooded, leaving trees and debris scattered over its bed and beyond. Much of the trail was under water, and soon after, under mud.

Pierce County Parks is to be complimented for its rapid repairs ina challenging economic time. New pavement here replaces what was destroyed.

Fresh shoulder gravel and retainer rock restored the trail.

About a mile out of town, a spur breaks away from the main trail and heads along the riverbank back to Orting. It is freshly graded. Hopefuly this portion will be also be paved.

I suppose this rock might mean the spur is closed, but there were no signs.

The trail crosses Voight's Creek on a railroad trestle restored by soldiers at For Lewis.

The Fotthills Trail is a multi-use path, so cycles, runners, strollers, walkers, equines, and canines are all welcome.

Voight's Creek also flooded, bringing down large trees with it. The state fish hatchery a few hundred feet upstream was heavily damaged.