Dial Services


This section is a summary of the dial (56k analog and ISDN digital) services available through Eskimo North. Click on one of the links under Services and Rates to the left for details on that service.

56K Dial Backup

This service provides dial access capability to service as a backup in case your primary means of access fails. There is a 40 hour per month cap on usage of this service. This service does not include any host functions.

56K Dial Internet

This service is a standard 56K PPP dial access service. It includes normal host functions such as e-mail, Usenet News, web hosting, and a full Linux shell account.

ISDN 128K Internet Access

This service provides Internet access for people with an ISDN telephone line and terminal adapter (modem). ISDN is a digital telephone line which has 2 64K B channels and a 16K D channel used for call setup / tear down / status. Because it is digital the speed does not vary like analog telephone lines and the latency is much lower than with an analog modem.

UUCP E-mail

This service allows computers that are not Internet connected or connected only Intermittantly to periodically poll for e-mail.

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