Prison Health Care

     At Airway Heights there were regular lock-downs (where we were all sent from the common area to our cells) that involved one prisoner dropping to the floor unconscious.

     The medical staff would arrive and cart him away and he would return a few hours later conscious again.

     He had a pacemaker, the batteries had gone bad, and the state wouldn’t do anything about it.  If he died on their watch I guess they looked at it as a way to lower recidivism.

     I had a severe gout flare-up while I was there, and originally they allowed me to go to the infirmary, however, the nurse there insisted it wasn’t gout (I have had flare-ups before, I know damned well what gout feels like), they sent me back.

     It got so bad I couldn’t put any weight on that foot and had to get around on crutches for three days.  They did finally diagnose and treat it as gout.

     Most anyone with dental problems found themselves toothless because about the only dental treatment available was tooth extraction.  I am lucky in that I have been genetically blessed with very few dental problems and none occurred while incarcerated.

     A lot of people go in for relatively minor things, at the time some even for marijuana possession or sales, and die, because of the lack of health care.

     Prisoners have no value as a human being in prison, and I’m more or less convinced that human beings have little value in society if their net-worth is less than a few tens of million dollars.  How anyone could believe a president with a personal wealth of 10 billion dollars was going to change that is beyond me.

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The Fediverse / ActivityPub

     The Fediverse is a decentralized network of social media sites.  Because it is decentralized there is no central point of failure or censorship.  No central point that can use “algorithms” to skew election results, etc.  Because all the different nodes rely on a common protocol, ActivityPub, very different user interfaces and capabilities can work together to share content.

In my view, the Fediverse offers our best hope to realize the potential of the Internet as it existed before it was co-opted by MegaCorporations such as Alphabet Inc (parent company of Google, Youtube, etc), Facebook, etc.

With the recent explosion of Censorship on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn, people have been turning to alternatives like Friendica, Mastadon, Peertube, Diaspora, Funkwhale, GNUSocial, Pleroma, SocialHome, Misskey, Pixelfed, and more, I see potential for a better future for mankind.

These different platforms are not uniform in their focus or capabilities but they can all talk and exchange information with each other.  Funkwhale for example exists to share music, pixelfed images, others for Microblogging, Friendica for full length blogging and discussions similar to Reddit sans censorship.

Presently I am operating a Friendca node at Eskimo,, I invite you to try it out.

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