Here are some resources for those of you who remember when the constitution used to count for something.  There have always been violations, the communist hunts of the 50’s, for example, but now the constitution is being systematically disassembled.  There are those who believe it is obsolete.  I am not among them.

John Stuart Mill’s Essay
This essay deals with the subject of tyranny of the masses. There are legitimate reasons for exerting control over others, specifically, the prevention of harm to self or others.

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The Role of Human Beings

I often wonder if this is what people like Klaus Schwab have in mind, nothing but flowers. The view that humans are just a cancer on the planet. I don’t see us that way.

The way I see us is part of a super organism, Gaia is real, but each species on this planet serves a purpose just like the cells in our bodies each serve a purpose.

My view is that we, humans, serve as the brain and nervous system of this super organism. Just like the brain is the most energy intensive organ in the human body, so humans are, of necessity, the most energy intensive organ in Gaia.

Flowers are beautiful, much of nature is beautiful, even humans, but without someone to comprehend that beauty, it would all serve no purpose.

Even though many people view ourselves as highly evolved, I think we actually could go much further in our evolution. And I think the only way to go into the future is to continue to move forward, like Elon Musk seems to believe, rather than backwards as Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, etc, would have us do.

In my view, this starving ourselves of energy to reduce Greenhouse issues only prolongs the problem, to the degree it actually exists, by preventing us from having the necessary resources to construct and to invent better infrastructure.

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