Fish Bowl

Fish Bowl

     King County Jail does have some of the conventional barred cells you see in movies and on television but those are reserved for people who demonstrate an inability to get along in general population.

     Everyone else is placed in what we called “The Fish Bowl”.  It was a large room, maybe 30 x 60 feet with one wall entirely thick glass panes through which the guards could keep an eye on the ongoings in the room.  The rooms were designed to hold 14 inmates each but while I was there, there were typically between 21-23.

     There was one toilet, one urinal, one shower, and one sink for 23 people.  You can probably imagine how that went.  There were bunk bed type arrangements for 14 people, except there were no ladders to get to the upper bunk, you had to climb on furniture.  They had added beds length-wise into the room to accommodate more prisoners but no additional toilets, sinks, showers, etc.  And even with those added beds people had to sleep on the floor.  I spent time sleeping on the floor.

     My first three days there I was stuck in the psych ward, another fish bowl except no beds on the walls or elevated, everyone slept on the floor, no sheets, and no underwear.  I was placed there because my lawyer supposedly told them I was suicidal.  I don’t think I did anything to suggest that.

     To be sure, I did have some mental issues but they weren’t suicide.  I had been on Ritalin and Citalopram to treat anxiety and ADHD symptoms and King County took those medications away.  Ritalin helps when you take it but when you go off the symptoms are worse than before you took it.  Citalopram is something you’re supposed to gradually reduce, not stop cold turkey.  For the first couple of weeks I found it impossible to get through a single paragraph in a book without my mind wandering. However frustrating that was, it didn’t make me suicidal.

     The psych ward was an extreme experience.  There were people wandering around talking to and sometimes yelling at non-existent people.  There was a man who would strip off his clothes and stand up and masturbate.  The guards would yell at him over the PA but that’s all they would do and he would just ignore them. He had a striking resemblance to Theodore Kaczynski.

     For some reason sheets and underwear were dangerous as if you couldn’t hang yourself with outer clothes or blankets.  Also dangerous were books and games that were present in the normal fish bowl.  And when we drew chess pieces out of paper and played on a table that had a chess board built in, they came and took those dangerous pieces of paper away.

     I told them I was not suicidal.  They said they would have a psychologist evaluate me. Three days later they pulled me out of the cell and their psychologist interviewed me.  He asked me if I had any suicidal thoughts.  I told him that only as a mental exercise, I figured out that if I wanted to kill myself in the psych ward, I would smash the plastic cover over the shower light, unscrew the bulb, and stick my finger in the socket whilst standing barefoot on the wet steel and undoubtedly grounded floor.  I thought that if I had demonstrated that I had the ability but had declined to take advantage of it they’d let me out of the psych ward.  It worked, I was transferred to a general population fish bowl the next day.  Perhaps they were worried that I might share that with other psych ward inmates.

     I was transferred up to the 8th floor, one of two floors of general population fish bowls. There I was the 23rd inmate in a 14 man room.  I snore badly.  You can guess how that went over.  I’d have to wait for everyone else to go to sleep before I could, else I’d be harassed.  I would wake up with big supply of pencil erasers that people would throw at me in my sleep.

     It was an uncomfortable two months.  Anytime I had to go to the bathroom there was likely half a dozen other people already in line.  And you had to do your business in plain view of 22 other inmates, the guards, and whoever else was in the guard room.  And you often had to do it next to someone using the urinal or someone in the shower or someone shaving because everything was together with no dividers.  It seemed as if their intent was to make the experience as dehumanizing as possible.

     There was inadequate fresh air.  The entire room stank of sweat and shit.  And if that weren’t bad enough, we had one alcoholic there that would start a new batch of pruno every week.  He would trade desirable food items for fruit which he could ferment and use a garbage bag for that purpose.  The way it smelled, I couldn’t understand how anyone could possibly drink that stuff.

     Some of the guards were sadistic bastards, most of them were indifferent, but there was one guard, an ex-Dallas Cowboys football player, that I could tell really wanted to see us reform ourselves and become productive citizens again.  He’d come in every evening for count just before bedtime and give us a bit of a tough love pep-talk and you could tell he was sincere.  I always wondered how an ex Dallas Cowboy football player could end up a prison guard.  He must have had his own sad story but never did relate it.

     Every week someone from the Jehovah’s Witnesses would come visit me and I can’t tell you how much that meant.  I looked forward to those visits as much as family visits.  They told me they’d have someone visit me in Shelton but it never happened.  I don’t know if that’s because the prison wouldn’t approve it or because they didn’t have anyone in the area that had time.

     One thing I learned through this whole experience, God can use anyone, regardless of their religion, if they allow themselves to be used for his purposes.

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Friday, December 8, 2006 (Re-posted because some turd hacked my WordPress site and deleted it.  Now have fail2ban hopefully will prevent a recurrence.)

UFO Encounter
I used to have a bedroom in the basement of my parents house, the rest of the family slept upstairs. There was a door leaving the basement so I could leave the house without coming upstairs.

I went to an elementary school about six blocks away. To the south of the school there was a large area surrounded by woods except for the fence and playground of the school to the north. The area was mostly bare, high clay content, not much in the way of soil, just exposed clay.

I need to preface this by saying I don’t know how much of this is a dream and how much was real, but there was physical evidence that I went somewhere which I will elaborate on later.

One night I found myself compelled to leave the house at 4 AM, and for some reason the idea of getting dressed and getting shoes on didn’t occur to me. I left the basement in my pajamas and barefoot and walked down to this clearing which was about four blocks away.

In the clearing there was a landed saucer. It looked similar to this one:

This one isn’t exactly like I saw but was one of the closest I was able to find on the net. The craft that I saw didn’t have the pronounced hump on top, it was more like a straight slope.

The craft had a opening with a ramp down to the ground. I couldn’t see anything inside the door from where I was.

For some reason, I had it in my mind that aliens had left the craft to explore the surrounding area and I had it in mind to enter it and see if I could figure out how to take off and steal their craft. Silly, I know but then I was ten years old and not in a normal state of mind.

As I approached the ramp, I saw a being on the left side of the entrance looking out at me. I was frightened at first, but then he motioned me in with a hand motion, like a human would motion. I refer to him as ‘he’ but in truth I don’t know what sex it was or if their race even has sexes.

I thought this was an opportunity of a lifetime, and if he wanted to take me forcibly he would anyway so there wasn’t anything to be gained by not entering, so I did.

Inside the craft was bare. No compartmentalization, just one big room. I’d guess it was around 25 feet in diameter. There was something that resembled a lectern, I don’t know what it’s function was, but that was the only thing that resembled furniture. No chairs, no visible storage facilities, no restroom facilities, no sleeping facilities, etc.

From this I concluded that this craft was intended for very short duration trips, much like an automobile. Either it was capable of traveling vast distances nearly instantaneously, or it was a shuttle of sorts and there was a mother ship nearby. I don’t have anyway of knowing which but I had the feeling the first situation is most likely.

Other than the lectern like piece of furniture or equipment, the only other thing in the craft was what appeared to be a glass tube about a foot inside the wall and about a foot off the floor that went around the inside circumference of the craft. The tube had a minor diameter of about four inches and appeared to be filled with mercury.

The ramp from outside actually came up to the opening about two feet above the floor of the craft and there was another short ramp inside leading down to the floor. The mercury filled glass tube went under this ramp at the entrance.

Just to the left of the entrance, there was what appeared to be two coils of copper enameled wire, about 16 gauge around the glass tube with spacers that looked like phenolic, like this:


Where the ‘===’ is the mercury filled glass tube, the ‘|’ the spacers, and the ‘+’ the coils of copper enameled wire.

The wire was connected to something that looked like an automotive battery except that it had only three cells and the inter-cell connectors were external.

There was no obvious control mechanism, but I got the feeling this device was responsible for the drive of the craft.

There was no obvious light source, it just seemed to come from nowhere.

The beings were different than any I’ve heard described. Physically, they were short, maybe 3-1/2 or 4 feet tall and thin. Their skin tone was not gray, it was closer to a light computer beige. Their eyes were not “bug eyes” like grays are described as having, but they were larger than human eyes. Their heads were disproportionately large for their bodies but not to a great extent. They wore a one piece jumpsuit that had an iridescent metallic dark green appearance.

Then I found myself at home in my bed with no knowledge of how I got from inside of the craft back home. My initial thought was that I had just dreamt the whole experience, however, the bottom of my pajamas were wet with clay.

Around my house there was thick topsoil, you’d have to dig down three or four feet into the ground to get to clay. That clearing next to the school was the only place I knew of in the area with exposed clay.

The following day I attempted to go back to the clearing to see if there was an impression where the craft had landed or other visual evidence, but there were bulldozers down there flattening the area and spreading soil for what was to become a park. So any evidence that had been present was covered or destroyed.

They also thinned the trees along the perimeter so that the area was visible to people surrounding it.

I had no history of sleep walking prior to or after this event. For some reason the next morning I also did not want my mother to know so I washed my pajamas myself to remove the clay.

I don’t know exactly how much of this is real, how much is dream, how much is a screen memory, etc. I have heard Whitley Strieber refer to his experiences as dream like, but other aspects of his experience are completely different than mine.

It was this experience that has made the subjects of UFOs, aliens, faster than light travel, time travel, and the paranormal in general interesting to me.

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