nanook640     I am Robert Dinse (rhymes with rinse), otherwise known as Nanook, founder of Eskimo North. I also founded NewNet IRC but it’s been taken over and destroyed.

     I was born on November 4th, 1958 at Swedish hospital in Seattle, WA and adopted 3 days after my birth. That’s what they tell me.  I think maybe aliens dropped me off on this desolate rock. I am married with four grown children and a dog.

     My major interests are computers, linux, Internet, photography, web design, programming, music, radio, electronics, exobiology, physics, spirituality, science and technology, bio-hacking, the past, and the future.  With respect to photography, I like night scenery, challenging to photograph because of the high contrast and low light.  I like most music except for rap (evil anti-music), hip-hop, and elevator music.

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