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Hillside Wrestling Weekend XVIII, July 2011

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Hillside Wrestling Weekend XVIII was held July 20-24, 2011, though some came early or stayed late.

It was the 18th annual wrestling weekend and my 16th consecutive one (I only missed the first two ones in 1994 & 1995; there were a few other wrestlers there who had only missed two of the weekends since its inception). There was a mix of new guys experiencing Hillside for the first time, and Hillside veterans coming back for more mat action. The new guys did really well on the mats, and we look forward to seeing them in the future at the wrestling weekends.

The weather was generally very hot and dry, though it cooled off a little later in the weekend. The second-hottest Wrestling Weekend (the hottest was in 2006, but all but 2 wrestlers had left by the time that heat had hit). It was great to be able to wrestle and hang out into the wee hours of the morning without a jacket or even a shirt on. Daytime highs reached the 90’s which was better than New York City’s high of 106 at the height of the heat wave. There's usually a 10-15° difference in temperature between NYC and Hillside, which was less this year but still nice.

Ride to Hillside mostly via the same direct route as last year. As it was hot and dry throughout, without even a small shower, there was a fine layer of dust on my bike and I when I arrived, perhaps mostly from going through Newark, NJ. No “fresh oil and chips” though. ;-) Notable towns I went through included Newark, Dover, Sparta, Lord’s Valley, Hawley, Honesdale, Carbondale, Gibson. Maintained a good pace; this was the second time I monitored my heart rate on a Hillside ride, and for the first 90 miles or so, my average heart rate was about 20 bpm higher than last year, before I went back to a similar average as last year. Due to construction, took a detour towards the end of Old Newburgh Turnpike, then on reaching PA 92, another detour over the last pass to take on an alternate route I'd occasionally used in the past which also has some nice steep ascents.

Getting ready for the ride


Putting the sprung elastic of an old jockstrap to good use -- it makes very good handlebar tape!

Hillside Wrestling Weekend banner

At Hillside

(Elevation 1350 ft.)

Arrive at Hillside 6:25 pm Wednesday, and have a sub match with Rob right away, then hit the shower and have dinner. Ride time 15:28, which is 4 minutes more than last year, but my average speed was higher as I took a longer route this year. Total Calories burned 5366 (vs. 5095 for the ride in in 2010, i.e. 271 Cal more this year). That is approximately 347 Cal/hr vs. 331 Cal/hr in 2010 according to the heartrate monitor, which again seems too low).

T7203146.JPG T7203147.JPG

Blast from the Past:
Upper Site 60 in 1998 (Wrestling Weekend V),
before the raspberry bushes took over:

   Site 60 in 1998

Around the camp

T7213148.JPG T7213149.JPG T7213150.JPG T7213151.JPG T7213152.JPG T7213153.JPG
   T7213154.JPG T7213155.JPG

Regardless of which thermometer you look at, it was hot!

T7213156.JPG T7213157.JPG T7213158.JPG T7233159.JPG T7233160.JPG
T7233161.JPG T7233162.JPG T7233163.JPG T7233164.JPG T7233165.JPG

Drilling at the annual Freestyle Clinic, and then Open Mats

T7233167.JPG T7233168.JPG T7233169.JPG T7233170.JPG T7233171.JPG
T7233172.JPG T7233173.JPG T7233174.JPG T7233175.JPG T7233176.JPG
T7233177.JPG T7233178.JPG T7233179.JPG T7233180.JPG T7233181.JPG
T7233182.JPG T7233183.JPG T7233184.JPG T7233185.JPG T7233186.JPG
T7233187.JPG T7233188.JPG T7233189.JPG T7233190.JPG T7233191.JPG
  T7233192.JPG T7233193.JPG T7233194.JPG

Let’s check out the submission wrestling area....


Replenish the calories at lunch then off to the pro show, after which the ring was disassembled and carried by tractor to the shed where it’s stored till next year.

  T7233196.JPG   T7233197.JPG
T7233198.JPG T7233199.JPG T7233200.JPG T7233201.JPG T7233202.JPG
T7233203.JPG T7233204.JPG T7233205.JPG T7233206.JPG T7233207.JPG
T7233208.JPG T7233209.JPG T7233210.JPG T7233211.JPG T7233212.JPG
T7233213.JPG T7233214.JPG T7233215.JPG T7233216.JPG T7233217.JPG
T7233218.JPG T7233219.JPG T7233220.JPG T7233221.JPG T7233222.JPG
T7233223.JPG T7233224.JPG T7233225.JPG T7233226.JPG T7233227.JPG
T7233228.JPG T7233229.JPG T7233230.JPG T7233231.JPG T7233232.JPG
  T7233233.JPG T7233234.JPG T7233235.JPG

More photos of the pro show, from Paul, the Buffalo Bulldog!

DSC_0053.JPG DSC_0054.JPG DSC_0055.JPG DSC_0056.JPG DSC_0057.JPG
DSC_0058.JPG DSC_0059.JPG DSC_0060.JPG DSC_0061.JPG DSC_0062.JPG DSC_0063.JPG
DSC_0064.JPG DSC_0065.JPG DSC_0066.JPG DSC_0067.JPG DSC_0068.JPG DSC_0069.JPG
DSC_0070.JPG DSC_0071.JPG DSC_0072.JPG DSC_0073.JPG DSC_0074.JPG DSC_0075.JPG
DSC_0076.JPG DSC_0077.JPG DSC_0078.JPG DSC_0079.JPG DSC_0080.JPG DSC_0081.JPG
DSC_0082.JPG DSC_0083.JPG DSC_0084.JPG DSC_0085.JPG DSC_0086.JPG DSC_0087.JPG
DSC_0088.JPG DSC_0089.JPG DSC_0090.JPG DSC_0091.JPG DSC_0092.JPG DSC_0093.JPG
DSC_0094.JPG DSC_0095.JPG DSC_0096.JPG DSC_0097.JPG DSC_0098.JPG DSC_0099.JPG
DSC_0100.JPG DSC_0101.JPG DSC_0102.JPG DSC_0103.JPG DSC_0104.JPG DSC_0105.JPG
DSC_0106.JPG DSC_0107.JPG DSC_0108.JPG DSC_0109.JPG DSC_0110.JPG DSC_0111.JPG
DSC_0112.JPG DSC_0113.JPG DSC_0114.JPG DSC_0115.JPG DSC_0116.JPG DSC_0117.JPG
DSC_0118.JPG DSC_0119.JPG DSC_0120.JPG DSC_0121.JPG DSC_0122.JPG DSC_0123.JPG
DSC_0124.JPG DSC_0125.JPG DSC_0126.JPG DSC_0127.JPG DSC_0128.JPG DSC_0129.JPG
DSC_0130.JPG DSC_0131.JPG DSC_0132.JPG DSC_0133.JPG DSC_0134.JPG DSC_0135.JPG
DSC_0136.JPG DSC_0137.JPG DSC_0138.JPG DSC_0139.JPG DSC_0140.JPG DSC_0141.JPG
DSC_0142.JPG DSC_0143.JPG DSC_0144.JPG DSC_0145.JPG DSC_0146.JPG DSC_0147.JPG
DSC_0148.JPG DSC_0149.JPG DSC_0150.JPG DSC_0151.JPG DSC_0152.JPG DSC_0153.JPG
DSC_0154.JPG DSC_0155.JPG DSC_0156.JPG DSC_0157.JPG DSC_0158.JPG DSC_0159.JPG
DSC_0160.JPG DSC_0161.JPG DSC_0162.JPG DSC_0163.JPG DSC_0164.JPG DSC_0165.JPG
DSC_0166.JPG DSC_0167.JPG DSC_0168.JPG DSC_0169.JPG DSC_0170.JPG DSC_0171.JPG
DSC_0172.JPG DSC_0173.JPG DSC_0174.JPG DSC_0175.JPG DSC_0176.JPG DSC_0177.JPG
DSC_0178.JPG DSC_0179.JPG DSC_0180.JPG DSC_0181.JPG DSC_0182.JPG DSC_0183.JPG
DSC_0184.JPG DSC_0185.JPG DSC_0186.JPG DSC_0187.JPG DSC_0188.JPG DSC_0189.JPG
DSC_0190.JPG DSC_0191.JPG DSC_0192.JPG DSC_0193.JPG DSC_0194.JPG DSC_0195.JPG
DSC_0196.JPG DSC_0197.JPG DSC_0198.JPG DSC_0199.JPG DSC_0200.JPG DSC_0201.JPG
DSC_0202.JPG DSC_0203.JPG DSC_0204.JPG DSC_0205.JPG DSC_0206.JPG DSC_0207.JPG
DSC_0208.JPG DSC_0209.JPG DSC_0210.JPG DSC_0211.JPG DSC_0212.JPG DSC_0213.JPG
DSC_0214.JPG DSC_0215.JPG DSC_0216.JPG DSC_0217.JPG DSC_0218.JPG DSC_0219.JPG
DSC_0220.JPG DSC_0221.JPG DSC_0222.JPG DSC_0223.JPG DSC_0224.JPG DSC_0225.JPG
DSC_0226.JPG DSC_0227.JPG DSC_0228.JPG DSC_0229.JPG DSC_0230.JPG DSC_0231.JPG
DSC_0232.JPG DSC_0233.JPG DSC_0234.JPG DSC_0235.JPG DSC_0236.JPG DSC_0237.JPG
DSC_0238.JPG DSC_0239.JPG DSC_0240.JPG DSC_0241.JPG DSC_0242.JPG DSC_0243.JPG
DSC_0244.JPG DSC_0245.JPG DSC_0246.JPG DSC_0247.JPG DSC_0248.JPG DSC_0249.JPG
DSC_0250.JPG DSC_0251.JPG DSC_0252.JPG DSC_0253.JPG DSC_0254.JPG DSC_0255.JPG
  DSC_0256.JPG DSC_0257.JPG DSC_0258.JPG DSC_0259.JPG

After getting together for the group picture, horseplay breaks out on the grass. In the case of Steve and Frank, they pause the grass match to take it to the real mats. Then I get jumped and we also take it to the mats!

T7233236.JPG T7233237.JPG T7233240.JPG T7233241.JPG T7233242.JPG
T7233243.JPG T7233244.JPG T7233245.JPG T7233246.JPG T7233247.JPG
T7233248.JPG T7233249.JPG T7233250.JPG T7233251.JPG T7233252.JPG
T7233253.JPG T7233254.JPG T7233255.JPG T7233256.JPG T7233257.JPG
T7233258.JPG T7233259.JPG T7233260.JPG T7233261.JPG T7233262.JPG
  T7233263.JPG T7233264.JPG T7233265.JPG

Nick vs. Maya, Saturday, July 23, 2011

Was having a conversation with Coach Kevin late Saturday afternoon when photographer Gary comes by with his buddy Maya. Maya pretends to be a beginner until we lock up on the mats (which perhaps was his strategy? I believe "maya" means “illusion” or “deception” in Sanskrit). He asks me to show him some basic moves and then all of a sudden he attacks. Quickly switch to all-out wrestling mode! It was a memorable, hard-fought submission match. Here are some of the photos Gary took.

IMG_9497.JPG IMG_9498.JPG IMG_9499.JPG IMG_9501.JPG IMG_9502.JPG IMG_9506.JPG

Wake Sunday morning to find a huge millipede in my tent. It’s harmless of course, makes a good excuse to whip out the camera. Normally there isn’t much wrestling on Sunday but this time a bunch of us were up early and headed to the submission mat for some great matches. Breakfast can wait! ;-)

T7243266.JPG T7243267.JPG T7243268.JPG T7243269.JPG T7243270.JPG
T7243271.JPG T7243272.JPG T7243273.JPG T7243274.JPG T7243275.JPG
T7243276.JPG T7243277.JPG T7243278.JPG T7243279.JPG T7243280.JPG
T7243281.JPG T7243282.JPG T7243283.JPG T7243284.JPG T7243285.JPG
T7243286.JPG T7243287.JPG T7243288.JPG T7243289.JPG T7243290.JPG
T7243291.JPG T7243292.JPG T7243293.JPG T7243294.JPG T7243295.JPG
T7243296.JPG T7243297.JPG   T7243298.JPG T7243299.JPG

Start breaking down the tents and mats

T7243300.JPG T7243301.JPG T7243302.JPG

It’s cooled off a little (76.1°). Retrieve the weekend’s maximum (102.2°) and minimum (64.6°) temperatures saved on JR’s thermometer. The minimum is well above the typical high 50’s at night, so there were no “steaming wrestlers” seen at night, which requires temperatures at 57° or below.

T7243303.JPG T7243304.JPG T7243305.JPG

A musical interlude....

T7243306.JPG T7243307.JPG T7243308.JPG

And the freestyle mat is rolled up and ready to be returned.


Get a campfire going that night. Hear a loud thumping noise in the kitchen and it turns out to be from a large insect that’s flopping around in the sink. Find a cool orange lizard on a rock in the morning. There are low clouds on the mountain visible from the rec center, where we spent an afternoon playing Scrabble.

T7253312.JPG T7253313.JPG T7253314.JPG T7253321.JPG T7253322.JPG
T7253326.JPG T7253327.JPG T7253328a.JPG T7253329.JPG T7253330.JPG

Hillside 2011: The Ride Back

Ride home; the weather is not as hot, and aside from some thundershowers near the PA-NJ state line, the sun tans my right side (whereas it is mostly the left side that gets tanned on the way up). Check out the garden as soon as I get back, then after showering I note a tick on the back of my right knee. There's also a zit near where I found it. I stick it in a container in the freezer and later do some research to see what kind of tick it was. It appears to be a male American dog (wood) tick. The design on its back in particular pegged it as a male Dermacentor variabilis, which apparently does not even bite at that stage of its life. It was not engorged, so I concluded that it had just been hanging out on the back of my leg unnoticed for half the ride (He was likely not from Hillside but from long grass during a stop in Sandyston Twp., NJ or the adjacent part of PA). As for the zit, I watched it a few days, especially when it itched a bit, but as of this writing on August 9, 2011 I noticed neither ringworm nor a rash. I did put bleach on it once when it itched; which stopped the itching and it formed a tiny scab on the way out. So no ringworm either. If you should get ringworm, check out my ringworm page on the Metro Wrestling site. Or if you want to check out the last tick that made my acquaintance ten years ago, when it hitched a ride home from the beach on my then-roommate, check out the 2001 Low-Res Multimedia Tick Page.

T7273333.JPG T7273334.JPG T7283336.JPG T7283347.JPG T7313359.JPG
T7303352.JPG T7313357b.JPG

Hillside moss &
ferns at home
T7313355a.JPG T7313356a.JPG

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