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Welcome to the Palaestra!
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Welcome to the Palaestra -- an open-source wrestling roster, links, event and chat site

  • Nick's Personal Home Page (with Pictures and More)
  • Axios & other Eastern Orthodox Links
  • Bicycling Links: Resources, Trip Diaries, Pictures.
  • Music Page (MIDI & NWC)
  • Click here for info on interface for Cateye Pulse Monitor and similar units that does what Polar's overpriced units do for orders of magnitude less expense.
  • Wrestling Links
  • Aspartame and other Sweeteners Page
  • Worldwide Weather Conditions and Forecasts
  • Zenith Z-Star 433VLp Laptop Technical Info & Utilities
  • Vintage DEC Computers
  • Nga Shqipëria: Albania Online!
  • Më shumë lajme shqiptare, nga GazetaExpress (More Albanian news from GazetaExpress)
  • Revista Kosovarja
  • Fight Internet Spam & Junk Mail!
  • Some Anti-Cult Links
  •  (crawling tick) The Multimedia Tick Page   .  .  .  .   And more humor.
  • Why IDT still stands for International Dismal Tech-Support: the ongoing saga of how not to run an ISP. IDT was my ISP until January 2001.
  • IDT Home Page (the site this page was on from 1996 to 2001)
  • Eskimo North (my current Unix-friendly ISP)
  • Apex Tutoring, Long Island, NY
  • Always Your Choice Medical Office
  • Islamic Jihads, A Byzantine Emperor and September 11, 1922
  • Error in Media Reporting on new 120th Precinct Police Station in Stapleton, Staten Island Newly Updated, 6/29/2007
  • Infrared photography
  • Webanswers and its Referral Program

    Background is of a ride in Greece from Athens to Megara in July 1991 on the National Road (Ethniki Odos, Rte. 8); the temperature was 38 °C (100 °F).

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