Rick Bressler, owner of the-bresslers.com, writes:

I imagine that most of the email you get is because of problems and that people rarely go to the effort of taking the time to commend great service.

I’m simply writing to tell you that your service has been great since  you’ve completed your updates to the systems. I can only describe it as  responsive, smooth, reliable and a great value.

In particular the addition of spamassassin has been a boon. I am now manage more than 90% of my spam filtering on eskimo before email even reaches my home workstation. I don’t believe a single spam has actually made it to my in box on my home system so far this year.

Thank you for this wonderful service!

Dave Bruels, owner and operator of Interlake China Tours, writes:


The new web site with the Blog in it is working well. When I put in Tours to China in Google, I was not listed in the top 10 pages two months ago.  Last month I showed up on page 6. Today I checked and found me listed on page 4. This is a good point and case for you to help getting new customers for yourself. Please feel free to use me as a reference for your sales pitch.

Thanks again, Dave

Jonathan Schwarz, owner of jonnyman.net, writes:

Dear Robert,

I can’t thank you enough for walking me through the process of activating my new domain.

Through the years, your company has provided a level of quality of customer service that is truly unsurpassed and without peer, and we all know who’s responsible for THAT.

My best wishes for success in 2016!

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